Welcome to AGUA Masters! We are thrilled to have you join us. Here are some resources that we ask our new AGUA teamates to look over:



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All persons entering Asphalt Green are required to complete a daily health screening prior to arrival. Daily health screenings will be emailed to when you reserve practice time. It can also be found online.

Please arrive on time and exit the facility promptly at the end of practice. You will be permitted ten minutes before and five minutes after your reserved practice time to enter and exit the facility.

Swimmers are required to wear face coverings when traveling to and from the pool deck. Face coverings may only be removed when the swimmer is entering the water. Swimmers are responsible for bringing their own plastic bag to store their face covering in designated areas on the pool deck.  

Pool deck traffic flow is redirected per City mandate.

Towel service is discontinued. Masters must bring their own towels as needed. Towels are available for purchase.

Swimmers should arrive in swim gear and avoid use of locker rooms. The steam room and sauna are unavailable. Per New York State Department of Health mandate (Article 165), a limited number of showers are available for a pre-and post-swim rinse only.

Deck changing is prohibited.

There is no shared equipment (kick boards, fins, paddles, etc.) in the pool. You are welcome to bring your own equipment. Please note that athletes are not permitted to store equipment or other personal belongings at the facility; however, if you currently rent a locker, you have access to it. New locker rentals are not available during this first phase of reopening.

Pool and water cleaning systems are fastidiously maintained, including disinfection with chlorine. A UV filtration system also disinfects our pools.

BioOx air purification system installed on the pool deck removes chlorine particles and improves air quality. The recently installed CASPR air filtration system neutralizes aerosolized viruses, including COVID-19