Admissions: greet people at entrance to meets, collect admission fees and distribute meet programs. Also may entail raffle sales as well as tshirt sales.

Awards: double check results page against awards labels and apply labels to awards (ribbons, medals, trophies). Separate awards according to teams.

Computer: run the meet; take care of scratches and changes to swimmer events, enter times, compile results, prepare reports all using Meet Manager Software (it’s best to shadow a few times when available)

Hospitality: Sell snacks and beverages or serve food to coaches and officials depending on the meet location

Meet Director: Oversee all volunteers to make sure all positions are covered, give instructions for jobs, answer visiting coaches’ questions

Meet Marshal: keep pool deck safe, monitor locker room activity, keep number of swimmers on bulkheads to a minimum, help seat spectators

Official: run the meet on deck, disqualify swimmers when strokes are illegal. Must complete training course to officiate

Timer: using a stopwatch, collect and write down times for races

Runner: collect and distribute timer sheets, post results, run various errands