Mission Statement

“Building confidence, inspiring excellence and developing role-models by encouraging hard work and perseverance in the sport of swimming”

Vision Statement

“The Condors Swim Club envisions an organization where every child in our local communities has an opportunity to learn, enjoy, and strive in the sport of swimming in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.  Through camaraderie and a strong value system, we will create a positive effect on the communities we serve, while facilitating an atmosphere where children can build life-long relationships in pursuit of their passion for swimming.”


Rockland Team

Jim Wargo

Head Coach


Westchester Team

Jon Hulbert

Head Coach

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Latest News

Emily Escobedo named to 2021 Short Course Worlds to represent Team USA!

Emily Escobedo, resident Condor at our Mark Twain location, has been named to Team USA's 2021 Short Course World Championship team. Emily will be...

By Jon Hulbert

Condors Return to the Pool

It’s a great feeling to be back at the pool! Our team’s planning and hard work paid off and it’s a huge relief to...

By Dave Hedden

Emily Escobedo is Living Her Swimming Dream

USA Swimming article by Mike Watkins

By Dave Hedden