About Rockland Lessons

The Condors Learn-to-Swim program mission is to develop comfortable and confident swimmers.

Our small group environment makes learning to swim safe, easy, and fun.  The Condors curriculum builds on critical skills that progress to whole stroke development with proper technique and propulsion. The Condors pride themselves on quality coaching and a love for all levels of swimming.  The best part of our program is that our Learn-to-Swim classes take place next to our competitive program.  You can literally see the potential and possibilities all throughout our pool!  
We are currently offering all of our class levels, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced.  However, due to the recent hiring shortage, our program offerings are currently limited. We expect to see the program continue to grow and look to hire more instructors. 


If you know someone who would be interested in being a swim instructor, please reach out to [email protected]

For any Condors Learn to Swim related inquiries, please email [email protected]

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Lessons Registration

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No classes listed or missed enrollment?

If you were not able to enroll or re-enroll in the Condors Learn-to-Swim Program, please fill out this -Google Form- so that we can reach out to you when it is time to register for the next session and provide updates about last minute openings within the program!

Which level is best for my child?

Group Descriptions


Beginner 1: Swimmers can get into the water (using stairs or sit & slide-in). Swimmers will build comfort in the water, learn proper breathing techniques and air exchange.

Beginner 2: Swimmers are acclimated to the water and can perform 10 bobs without use of the wall with good air exchange. Swimmers will build skills floating, gliding, and kicking.

Intermediate 1: Swimmers are able to effectively glide and kick with streamline to the lane line. Swimmers will begin learning proper freestyle side breathing, rhythm, recovery, and develop a kick with forward propulsion.

Intermediate 2: Swimmer safely swims 10-yards of freestyle, starting with submerged streamline push-off, with proper side breathing technique. Swimmers will learn backstroke body position, rhythm, kick, and build comfort being submerged on their back.

Advanced: Swimmer safely swims 10-yards of backstroke, starting with streamline backward bob or off-wall with good body position and kick. Swimmers will learn proper butterfly and breaststroke kick, arm movements, and timing. Swimmers will learn to safely and correctly execute flip turns.


The Condors are proud to offer two Pre-Competitive programs as an entry-level to gain technical development, increase proficiency and learn basic swimming etiquette in a team atmosphere.  They are the Pre-Team and Technique & Fitness groups. 

The purpose of these programs is to:

  • Help swimmers transition from the lessons program to the competitive team. 
  • Give new swimmers with a strong comfort in the water (usually from camp or recreation backgrounds) a starting point to develop foundational skills and improve stroke mechanics. 
  • Provide a flexible monthly option for developing swimmers who are looking for less commitment but enjoy swimming for fitness and exercise.

Pre-Team: The goal of this group is to develop stroke fundamentals in the four competitive strokes while building endurance with full-length swimming in a team environment.  Pre-Team is offered 4 days a week where the higher practice frequency provides an accelerated path to our competitive team.  We recommend that swimmers graduating from our lessons program follow this path to develop in the sport of swimming.

Technique & Fitness: The goal of this group is to provide an opportunity for swimmers who enjoy swimming for its aspects of fitness and fun but may not have an interest in moving to the competitive team.  Tech & Fit is offered 2 days a week.  This group is typically encouraged for older beginner swimmers who want more flexibility but love the challenge of working out in the water.

We understand that there is no one correct path through the sport of swimming.  We have two great options to help your swimmer improve and grow in this phase of their swimming journey.

Not sure which level to choose?

Use our appointment scheduling service to find an available time for your evaluation and sync to your calendar. If there are no openings listed, please email Coach Lauren at [email protected] to schedule an evaluation.