Billing & Registration Policies

Membership Dues

The most current membership dues for each site are linked on the Registration page. The Membership Agreement Packet can also be found on the Registration page, which includes full details about the current billing options and policies. Questions about billing, registration and other financial inquiries can be directed to

Multi-Swimmer Family Discounts

The Condors offer discounts to families who register more than one swimmer on the team. Please review our discount plan below, with the following understanding:

  • Multi-swimmer family discounts will only be applied to swimmers participating the entire year.
  • If a swimmer cancels their membership during the year, the family will lose that discount and their account will be adjusted accordingly.
  • A family who joins the team after November 1 will receive pro-rated family discounts based on the date of registration.
Number of Swimmers Registered Discount
Swimmer #1 (Highest Level) Pays 100% of membership dues
Swimmer #2 Receives $400 discount
Swimmer #3 Receives $600 discount (total family discount of $1000)
Swimmer #4 Receives $800 discount (total family discount of $1800)
Swimmer #5 Receives $1000 discount (total family discount of $2800)

Financial Assistance

The Condors are pleased to offer financial assistance to families who qualify. The team has a predetermined budget for financial aid, and each application is carefully reviewed and considered. Receipt of aid in previous years does not guarantee aid for the upcoming year, and the amount awarded in previous years does not guarantee the same amount for the upcoming year. The Financial Assistance Application can be found on our Registration page. Questions about financial assistance can be directed to

Understanding Your Invoice

Families always have access to view their current invoice, as well as their billing history, by logging into their account and clicking on My Account. Furthermore, families receive a billing invoice sent to their login email account each month, which provides advance notice about charges due to be billed. If you need help understanding your invoice, please review the following document:

Understanding Your Billing Summary Email