Communication Methods

Contacting Your Coach

Phone Call: All of our head coaches and other leadership staff may be reached by calling the Condors phone line at 845-638-4381. Listen to the menu for the appropriate extension to reach your coach. The best time to reach a coach via the phone is during daytime hours. Please understand that the coaches will generally not be answering the phone during times they are on deck or in the evening after practice hours.

E-mail: An email address for each coach can be found on the Coaching Staff page.

Meeting in Person: Often, the best way to address questions and concerns is to meet with your coach in person. To speak with your coach before or after practice, please send an email or call their office phone in advance and request a time to meet.

Please be advised that parents are not allowed on deck during practice, with the only exception being an emergency situation. Additionally, at our practice locations where there is an open viewing area, please refrain from calling out to your child or signaling to them. We want our athletes to become independent and to build trusting relationships with their coaches. Interference and reliance on parents can be detrimental to that learning process. Furthermore, we want to avoid situations where coaches are confronted with questions or concerns on deck during times they are at work with athletes.

Opt In to Receive Text Alerts

Periodically, the team will send out text messages (SMS) to alert members about last minute practice changes, deadlines or other important information. You must opt in to be able to receive text messages by verifying your cell phone number in the system. Follow these steps:

Using the Team Unify OnDeck app:
1.  Login to OnDeck.
2.  Tap the menu icon then Membership > My Account.
3.  Tap UPDATE PROFILE at the bottom of the screen.
4.  Fill in SMS 1 or SMS 2 with the cell number and select your cell Carrier.
5.  Tap SAVE and it will send a verification text to that number.
6.  Once you open the message it will usually verify your number, but tap the link just to make sure.
7.  If you have any trouble getting it to verify, try doing it through the website instead (see instructions below).

Using the Condors website:
1.  Sign In to the Condors website.
2.  In the side menu click My Account > Account Info.
3.  To add an SMS number for one of the athletes in the account, click the Members tab and then click their name; otherwise stay on the current screen.
4.  Enter an SMS cell number and select its Carrier.
5.  Click Save in the upper right and it will send that number a verification text.
6.  Check your cell phone for a "Verify your SMS" text from notifications+mrcs and open it. Note that some cell carriers can take awhile to deliver the message.
7.  If you never receive the message, try these steps.
a.  Delete the number.
b.  Set the Carrier to None.
c.  Click Save.
d.  Repeat steps 5-7 again. If you still never receive it, please contact Support to let them know. Please include your number and cell carrier.
8.  Tap the link and you should see one of three possible messages.
a.  "Success! We have validated your primary SMS." (or "secondary SMS" if that's what you were verifying) The SMS number is verified and ready to receive texts from the team. You may skip the rest of the steps.
b.  "Sorry, your primary SMS has already been validated." Sometimes just opening the text will verify the number, resulting in this message. The SMS number is verified and ready to receive texts from the team. You may skip the rest of the steps.
c.  "Sorry, the code XXXX did not match any codes." Continue to the next step.
d.  If tapping the link doesn't work, note the four digit code number in the text message.
9.  Back in your team's SwimOffice website, click the Unverified button above the SMS number.
10.  If you got the error in step 8c on your mobile device, click Resend Verification and go back to step 6.
11.  Enter the four digit code from your text message in the Verification Code field and click Verify.
12.  You will see Verified in green above the SMS number. You may need to refresh the screen to see this.

Additional E-mail Accounts

If you would like to receive notifications to additional email accounts, it is easy to add them to your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in and go to My Account > My Account.
  2. You can add up to three additional email addresses beyond the Login Email.
  3. To add email addresses to the members, click the Members tab, click the desired member and fill in the email address.
  4. Click Save, then click Return. It will automatically send a verification email to that new address.
  5. Check the email account of the address you added and open the message Verify your email.
  6. Once you click the verification link in that email, when you return to My Account > My Account you will see Verified in green over that email address.
  7. This email is now activated and available for communication through the SwimOffice website and OnDeck.