Volunteering at swim meets is one of the most impactful ways a parent can help our team! The Condors are proud to host some of the best run meets in the area. We love to provide a great experience for our athletes and families, and your help is a huge part of that. Most jobs require little to no training and experience, or we have parents who will be happy to train you, and helping at swim meets is a great way to bond with other families on the team.

The Condors host 6-7 large swim meets every year as an essential method of fundraising, without which we would have to significantly raise our membership dues. With around 200 volunteer positions needing to be filled over the course of each meet weekend, it is critical to the success of our club that parents volunteer their time. We offer an option to pay a fee in order to opt out of the volunteer requirement, however we truly need your time more than we need your money on meet weekends.

Below, you will find links to a number of resources regarding our volunteer requirements. For questions about volunteering, please contact us at volunteer@condors.org.

Volunteer Resources