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For changes to our schedule, please regularly check our Google Calendar below.

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*PLEASE NOTE* when there is a high school swim meet on the WCC schedule, the Condors regularly scheduled practices will start as soon as the meet has completed. This end/start time is not always the same time. If we do not get into the water on time, we will do our best to complete a full practice from the time we are able get started from. Please be patient on these evenings, as we have no control over the high school meet.

If there is a thunderstorm, the pool will be closed until 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning/thunder. If WCC is closed due to weather, there is no practice. You can check for weather closings on WCC's website here.

Calendar Colors:

  • Yellow events are at WCC
  • Orange events are at Mark Twain
  • Green events are either at Felix Festa or an away swim meet

Practice Groups

Senior Group

This is the top level of Condors practice groups for swimmers ages 13 & Over who have proven to be the most dedicated athletes. Training will be at an elite level with a year-round plan to achieve at the highest levels of the sport. Training will also become more specified to help swimmers accomplish their goals at the Sectional, National and International levels. Swimmers are challenged every day to become the best possible athletes. Senior swimmers must possess the commitment, motivation and ability to excel in the sport of swimming. To be eligible, swimmers must have previously achieved a Senior Mets Championship standard within the past season. Swimmers must be able to balance their commitments to school and the club before considering taking part of this group. See commitment requirements below:

Practice Requirements: All practices, including dryland workouts.

Meet Requirements: One meet per month with a focus on Senior Mets, Junior Nationals and beyond.


Gold Elite Group

Gold Elite is for the 11-12 year olds who have already made Junior Olympic cuts, as well as any 9-10 year olds who have Zone Qualifier standards. As the name dictates, swimmers must be at the top of their game each and every day that they arrive at the pool. This group will reinforce proper technique and swimming proficiency while quickly building up the daily practice regimen, with the goal of competing against the top age group swimmers in the Metropolitan area and beyond. Periodic self and coach evaluations, as well as a structured goal setting system, will be a part of the program. Swimmers will be required to set goals and work both mentally and physically towards achieving something positive each and every practice session. On top of that, swimmers will be held accountable not only for themselves but each other as well. The overall goal of the group is to become a tight-knit family unit that loves the sport, hard work, their team and above all else, their teammates.

Swimmers entering Gold Elite must have at least 3 years of competitive swimming experience and should be able to repeat swims with very little rest, as well as understand how to increase or decrease speed within sets.

Practice Requirements: An average of 4-5 out of 6 practices per week.

Meet Requirements: At least 1 meet per month, with a focus on Junior Olympic time standards, while becoming familiar with Senior Mets and National Time Standards.


Gold Group

Gold group is for 11-12 year olds and any 9-10 year olds who have Junior Olympic cuts. With increased practice time, the Gold group will begin to introduce higher levels of training and more challenging swim sets. Goal setting will begin with stroke refinement as well as improving upon technique, then advance to practice goals such as interval training and target numbers for descending sets, to finally using the work put in to establish realistic and attainable goals for competitions. Throughout the season in Gold, swimmers will be asked to submit self-evaluations as well as receive coaches evaluations periodically. Our aim is to have swimmers become more focused and more mature in their approach to the sport and their role within the group. The harder we work together, the more all of us will succeed. Swimmers in the Gold group must have at least 2 years of competitive swimming and be fully legal in all four strokes, have strong starts and turns and be able to repeat swims with very little rest in between.

Practice Requirements: An average of 4-5 out of 6 practices per week.

Meet Requirements: At least 1 meet per month, with a focus on Junior Olympic time standards.


Silver Group

At our Silver level, swimmers ages 8-11 will take all of the proper technique and stroke efficiency they have acquired and start to really correlate how to turn it into faster swimming. Still in need of constant reinforcement on stroke refinement, the group will be taught various drills in order for them to remain focused on their swimming as well as to build strength. Silver swimmers will be held responsible for tracking their own times, not only at meets but at practices as well. The coaches will introduce goal setting to the group and utilize practice goals to build ever-increasing meet expectations. Practices will steadily increase throughout the season in terms of the amount of yardage done each night as well as how fast the sets are done. Swimmers moving to the Silver group must be able to swim all four strokes legally and be able to dive off of the blocks, as well as perform both freestyle and backstroke flip turns.

Practice Requirements: An average of 4-5 out of 6 practices per week.

Meet Requirements: At least 1 meet per month, with the focus on Silver and Junior Olympic time standards.


Bronze Group

The first Condors age group level is Bronze group. Here, swimmers ages 7-10 will take the basic fundamentals of swimming and start utilizing them during training as well as competitions. Practice sessions will still focus heavily on stroke development and building more efficient mechanics in the water, but as the season progresses more training sets and aerobic conditioning will be implemented. During their time in Bronze, swimmers will perfect their breathing and body positioning in all four strokes, correct their timing in breaststroke and butterfly, explode off of the blocks in their dives as well as into and out of the walls in their turns. Throughout the season the Bronze group will also learn how to use the clock to enhance their training, as well as how to truly prepare during practice for the competitions. Swimmers coming to Bronze must be able to swim multiple laps of freestyle and backstroke as well as have a full grasp, legal or not, of how to swim both breaststroke and butterfly.

Practice Requirements: An average of 3 out of 4 practices per week.

Meet Requirements: An average of 1 meet per month, or at least 5 meets during the short course season.


Stroke Development Group

This is the entry-level developmental group with a focus on fun and camaraderie through swimming. The primary objective is to learn the skills involved in swimming all four strokes, as well as the core elements of body control, feel for the water and stable movement patterns, by breaking down skills into a sequence of learning components. Volume is secondary to instruction.

Practice Requirements: No set attendance. Three practices are offered each week. The more they attend, the better they will become.

Meet Requirements: Swimmers are encouraged to join us at competitions scheduled approximately once each month throughout the season. However, competitions are not mandatory at this age and level.