On swimming, tribulations and TRIALS! Emily Escobedo September 2019 Update!

Jon Hulbert

This is long overdue, and I wanted to apologize to everyone for that. Whether you have been eager for an update or otherwise, we’ve been radio silent for quite some time. I’m hoping to provide you all with some insight into what we do, and how we are progressing into the close of the 2020 Season. Let me assure you that Emily and I have been hard at work since early August in preparation for all that this year will bring.


First, and most important: Emily has been named to the US National Team for the 3rd year in a row. She has secured a Top-10 World Ranking in the 200M Breaststroke. Emily would also go on to find herself just outside of the National Team for the 100M Breaststroke this season - a MONUMENTAL improvement. 


She returned to us in June as an International Gold & Silver Medalist for Team USA at the World University Games in Naples, Italy. She has represented herself, her country and Condors with the utmost pride. 

As her longtime coach, I find myself blessed to have been, and to continue to work with her, as we look to fulfill a lifetime goal for both of us: A spot on the 2020 Olympic Team. Those words bring goosebumps and one heck of an accelerated heart rate to me. I hope they do, for you, too. You have to understand, we have been together for over a decade now (13 or so years, not that I want to date myself). We have toured the country together. Been through the highs and lows of this wonderful sport - together. And, suffice to say, a lot of maturing. I was a very young man when I began coaching her. She has left a mark on my life that I will carry with me to my last breath. I sure hope I’ve had even half of that affect on her. And, in turn, I hope she impresses all that she is on the children in our program.

Now, it’s pretty common for swimmers to represent their club teams at Olympic Trials. Less so for them to continue to train with them, as Emily does. We are certainly a unique duo, when largely faced with College Coaches and their almost unlimited resources. Emily and I do our best to be resilient, make the absolute best of what we have, and with a little ingenuity, afford ourselves as many of the same opportunities as we can. We think it’s paying off in a big way!

This season, for those of you that are not aware, is an Olympic Trial year. What that means is that come June 2020, the United States will have it’s Olympic Team Trials meet. This is the ONLY way to be selected to represent the US at the Olympics in any given cycle (4 years).

Team selection for the Olympic Games works as follows:


Top-2 Men/Women in any given Olympic event

Top-4 Men/Women in 50, 100, 200 Freestyle


It is called Olympic Trials because for any particular event, it is an absolute gauntlet. A swimmer has to make it through Preliminaries, then Semi-Finals, and then Finals. Ultimately swimming any given event 3 times over two days. Of course, the only way to make the team is out of THE Final - top 8, first and second place seize the day. 


This is something we are mentally and physically preparing for, and have been for quite some time. There has already been some absolutely stunning work done in the pool this season, and we’re only in September. Emily will continue to set her in-practice goals higher and higher as we soar our way to June. 

This year also brings some new pursuits for Emily. She decided to join the NY Breakers, which is a team participating in the ISL (International Swim League). Emily will see some meets that will take her across the world and United States in October, November and December. During these meets, she will have the opportunity to race other professional swimmers from around the world. I will make sure to put out some information on how we can watch her compete at these events as they become available. We will also be attending the Pro Series Swim meets again this year, as we have in the past.

All in all, this is going to be one whirlwind of a season. I’m glad that we both have all of you to support us through the year. And I hope that our success in the pool will show all of you something truly invaluable: hard work, dedication and sacrifice can make those seemingly impossible dreams come true.

If you ever have any questions about what Emily and I do, questions for Emily or myself, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Be amazing in whatever it is you do, Condors. 

Coach Jon