Swim Lesson Levels

Condors Swim Lessons offers 5 learn-to-swim levels in order to prepare young swimmers for any and all paths they may wish to follow in the pool. Our main priority for all youngsters who join us is to teach comfort and safety in the water while introducing, in a fun relaxed way, the basic fundamentals necessary for proper swimming technique in the future. Our swimming lessons are geared towards following a step-by-step plan wherein the development of each skill is built upon by the next in order for each child to effectively advance through our levels.

Before selecting a group that best suits your swimmer, please be aware that the program is geared to work at your child’s pace. Once your child achieves the goals of the current level, then and only then will we graduate him or her to the next. There is no benefit in trying to rush through our program as all of the skills taught at each level must be mastered and they will be reinforced and advanced upon from one group to the next.

When registering for a class, please choose the level that best suits your swimmer. If you are unsure and cannot decide between two levels, we always recommend that you place your child in the group slightly below his or her level. This way, your child will immediately gain confidence in the group and advance quickly. Once a swimmer successfully advances through our 5 level structure, we then have numerous groups to begin swimming on a more competitive level. The first of which, Pre-Team, is run through our lessons program and runs on a two-month cycle. From there, coaches will recommend the next step for swimmers based on age and abilities learned through lessons.

Please review our learn-to-swim groups below and pick the best class. You can also call, email or live chat us to help decide.


Beginner 1 – Green Guppies

This is our true beginner level for swimmers who have not yet been exposed to or may have some fear of the water. Here, swimmers will focus on getting more comfortable and relaxed in the water. Beginner 1 is for swimmers between 3+ years of age (no kids under 3). Throughout lessons in this group, swimmers will learn to put their face in the water, begin kicking with a floatation device, and generally learn to have fun while getting to like being in the pool.

  • Face in the water and blowing bubbles
  • Drop downs or bobs under water, either on the wall or with instructor
  • Learning to hold breath
  • Become comfortable being in water

Beginner 2 – Orange Octopus

In our second level, swimmers will continue to work on body positioning in the water while becoming more independent in the pool. Kids need to have shed the fear of the water and leaving the wall unassisted. A main focus will be on developing the proper flexion in flutter kicking and not bending the knees or breaking their body line too much while kicking. As the class progresses, the ultimate goal is to have swimmers understand the concept of over the water strokes.

  • Front and back floats
  • Front and back glides
  • Streamline position
  • Streamline push-off to an instructor
  • Kicking with a floatation device (kickboard/noodle)


Intermediate 1 – Blue Barracudas

At the Intermediate 1 level, children are becoming much more comfortable in the water. The group will focus on developing a better freestyle stroke. They will also be introduced to correct breathing technique. By the end of this level, swimmers should be able to swim several body lengths of freestyle unassisted.

  • Kicking unassisted on front without flotation devices
  • Overarm freestyle
  • Underwater streamline push offs into freestyle stroke
  • Side breathing in freestyle will be introduced

Intermediate 2 – Silver Starfish

Here, swimmers will be focusing on correct backstroke technique. The group focuses on correct body position for backstroke, as well as straight leg kicking and pulling. By the end of Intermediate 2, we aim to have swimmers ready for full laps of freestyle and backstroke across the pool.

  • Backstroke push offs (submerged and unsubmerged)
  • Straight arms when pulling water
  • Consistant kick with straight legs (no bent knees)


Advanced – Gold Great White Sharks

Swimmers who are in our advanced group have shown a solid understanding of the proper stroke mechanics in both freestyle and backstroke. Here, they begin learning both the butterfly stroke and breaststroke. Swimmers will be perfecting streamlines and breathing. Instructors will also be introducing freestyle flip turns. At the end of the Advanced Group, swimmers are on their way towards competitive swimming.

  • Proper form and body positioning in freestyle and backstroke will be enforced
  • Continue to work on underwater streamlining as well as transitioning into swimming
  • Introduction to breaststroke and butterfly kicking as well as swimming
  • Work on timing in butterfly and breaststroke
  • Introduction of freestyle and backstroke flip turns