How do I support this cause?
You can help this cause raise money by buying, renewing or extending your magazine subscriptions online. up to 40% of each purchase goes directly to the cause. Simply click on "Support us Now" on the Home page. You will be redirected to the online magazine store where you can buy, renew or extend your magazine subscriptions. You can also purchase magazine subscriptions as gifts for your loved ones. up to 40% of each purchase automatically goes to the cause.


How can I tell others about this?

You can also help by telling others whom you think would be interested in purchasing magazines at great savings to help a great cause. Simply click on “You can also help…” at the bottom of the Home page. Then enter the email addresses of friends and family from coast to coast and click on “Send Emails” to send them emails inviting them to buy, renew or extend their magazine subscriptions online. up to 40% of each purchase amount will go back to the cause.


I placed a magazine order, but I did not receive a confirmation:

You will not receive a confirmation if you did not enter your email address correctly in the final checkout step. If you did enter your email and you did not receive any confirmation, contact 1-866-825-2921 for more information on the status of this order.


I placed an order, but I am not sure if it went through:

The sale went through if you got to the final checkout screen and entered your mailing address and credit card information. You should also receive an order number by email once the sale goes through (if you entered your email address). If you would like more information on the status of your order, please call 1-866-825-2921.


When I try to checkout and enter my credit card details, I keep getting an error screen:

Please ensure that you enter the card number correctly with no spaces, or that the credit card has not expired.


How long does it take to receive my order?

New subscriptions may take up to 12 weeks from the time the publisher receives the order. (Weeklies start sooner than monthlies; quarterlies may take a little longer.) Renewal orders extend existing subscriptions, unless the original subscription has expired.


Can I place an order if I reside outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to process new subscriptions for International (outside of the continental United States) and for APO & FPO addresses. We are working on ways to work this out so that soon, anyone anywhere can order magazines hassle-free.


What if I received duplicate copies of the magazine I ordered?

Simply remove their labels and mail both of them directly to the publisher. The publisher's address can usually be found on the Table of Contents page. Or, send the labels to us at: QSP Customer Service, P.O. Box 10203, Des Moines, IA 50336. We'll forward the labels to the publisher for you and request that they combine the two and extend your subscription. Be sure to indicate the name of the magazine.


How do I change the address on my current subscription?

Call us directly at 1-800-678-2673 with your new address and we will notify the publisher for you. Please allow 60 days for the change. Should you miss an issue, just give us a call and we will be happy to request a back issue, if available, or extend your subscription for the missed issue.


What if I received a bill from the publisher?

Write "Cancel" on the bill and send it to the publisher. This will not cancel your QSP subscription, it will simply remove your name from the publisher's billing cycle.