Empire has teamed up with Kiki's Nation to offer a team customized pair of towel pants for our Rockets and Lightning Swimmers.
The customized towel pants are in black with the Empire logo on the pocket, as shown on the order form. (The "E" will be the Empire logo not the "E" in the photo).   There is also an option to include swimmer's first or last name on the opposite pant leg. Details can be found on the the attached order form.  Order forms must be filled out and emailed by 9/28/21, check must be received by Thursday, 9/30/21. 
Towel pants are available in the following sizes:

XS              Children's     5/6
S                Children's     8/10
M              Children's     10/12
L                Children's     12/14
XL              Children's     16/ Adult 2


More detailed sizing information can be found on the Kiki's Nation website, www.kikisnation.com.

Payment can be mailed to the address provided on the order form, or you can fill out the form with your credit card information and email to [email protected]   A confirmation email must be received to ensure your order. If you do not receive confirmation, call Eleni McClung. 

Please note that after the order deadline date of Tuesday, Septemer 28th, embroidery will not be available.  Orders, at that time, can be placed for black towel pants without the Empire Logo on them or the swimmer's name.  
Projected delivery of towel pant orders is mid-October during practice, so please be sure to include your child's swim group and practice location on the order form

If you have any questions , please contact Eleni McClung at Kiki's Nation, 914-420-5537 or [email protected]