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Learn to Swim

General Information

Welcome to Freedom Aquatics Learn to Swim Program!


       This Program was designed and developed by Avantis Swimming Academy and Freedom Aquatics Focus Group of Successful Swimmers and Coaches under the guidance of Usa Swimming Coach Nikolay Shevchenko. This Focus Group’s Tremendous Swimming and Coaching Experience allowed them to create and share with others, their unique and effective swim program methods and techniques.

         Learn to Swim Program is created for beginner level swimmers who will be introduced to the water. Future swimmers will be learning important water safety and basics of swimming drills and exercises in a timely manner based on their individual skills and abilities. This program gives an opportunity to learn, enjoy and have fun in the water for any age individual. Step by step instructions and support from our professional staff will help to experience only the best moments at the beginning stage of the swimming adventure.

Our USA Swimming Coaches or WSI, CPR, Lifeguard training and experienced Instructors provide an individual approach to each student.

Learn to Swim Classes

  • Our classes are 30-40 minutes long
  • Age: 3 and up
  • Heated and newly renovated In-Door Pool at North Shore Location and State of the Art Competition Pool at South Shore Location
  • Systematic teaching approach
  • High Instructor-to-student ratio
  • Classes designed for all levels

Here is a list of Learn to Swim classes: