Avantis Swimming Academy and Freedom Aquatics Partnership



Dear Members and Friends,


We are happy to announce that USA Swimming Member, Freedom Aquatics, and Avantis Swimming Academy have entered into a partnership agreement.


All “Learn to Swim” and “Technique Development” or "Team Prep" programs will now be supervised, developed and managed by Freedom Aquatics coaching and administrative staff.  


The combining of these two programs will provide:

  • Improved customer service

  • A new and improved structure and learning experience

  • Implementation of new opportunities enabling swimmers to grow beyond a learn to swim program

  • Connection between Learn to swim -> Pre-Competitive and Competitive aspects of the program

  • Competitive Swim Team Preparation

  • Opportunity to participate in new events and activities that will introduce individuals to the world of swimming

  • Parent support and education about competitive swim team commitment and opportunities

  • Added South Shore and North Shore locations


We look forward to you experiencing our newly restructured program.


Avantis Swimming Academy and Freedom Aquatics Management.