Team Prep

General Information


Welcome to Freedom Aquatics Team Prep Program!


     This Program was designed and developed by Avantis Swimming Academy and Freedom Aquatics Focus Group of Successful Swimmers and Coaches under the guidance of Usa Swimming Coach Nikolay Shevchenko. This Focus Group’s Tremendous Swimming and Coaching Experience allowed them to create and share with others, their unique and effective swim program methods and techniques.

     Team Prep Program is available for swimmers who successfully completed our Learn to Swim Program and would like to receive a base knowledge of all four competitive strokes and technique elements. This Program is a great foundation for any swimmer who either would like to enjoy the beauty of becoming a lap swimmer or get to the level of becoming a competitive swimmer.


Team Prep Practices

  • Our Practices are 40-60 minutes long
  • Ages: 5 - 10 and 9 and Over
  • Systematic teaching approach
  • At the end of each session Time Trials (special evaluation) required for all swimmers


Here's the list of Team Prep levels