This group is for swimmers 5 and older, who can swim a lap of freestyle and backstroke.  Swimmers placed in this group should also have some ability in diving.  This group will be taught the basics of proper stroke technique with some introduction to racing and meet performance.

PRACTICES: Monday and Wednesday



Primarily for 6 year old swimmers and older, this group will be for swimmers with a year or more of competitive involvement.  Swimmers should be proficient in freestyle and backstroke with at least the basic concepts of breaststroke and butterfly.  This group will consistently work upon stroke technique development as well as practicing all elements necessary for competition. 

PRACTICES: Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday



This group will be comprised of 9-11 year olds who are proficient and competitive in all four strokes.  Swimmers in this group must also possess a solid background in their conditioning during daily practice sets.  This group will focus on stroke technique, and the relationship between practice performance and competition improvement.

PRACTICES: Tuesday/Thursday/Friday and Saturday


This group will be for swimmers 9 and older who have a very strong background in both conditioning and competition.  This group will consistently improve on technique skills and development while focusing on learning how to use each practice to enhance upon their competitive achievements. 

PRACTICES:  Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday and Saturday


This group is primarily for those swimmers 10 and up who are gearing up to make the transition in the next year or two into the Senior group. Pre-Sr swimmers will be exposed to a higher volume of training and technique work that will help them move into the next level. Swimmers placed in this group will be held to a higher degree of commitment to practices and meets. Pre-Sr swimmers will also be introduced to dry-land exercises in and out of the pool that will elevate their swimming.

PRACTICES: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday


Our senior swimmers will be predominantly 12 and over swimmers who have been swimming competitively for several years.  All Swimmers will be held to a high degree of commitment to practice attendance and meet involvement in order to sustain the rigors of training and conditioning.  Dry-land exercises will also be used to build and maintain the strength that such a swimming regiment will call for. 

PRACTICES:  Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday and Weekday AM Practices.