Metro Swim Shop Suit Fitting Days

September 11th-4:00-6:00

September 12th-4:00-6:00

Metro Swim Shop will be at the pool on the above dates for suit fitting/purchase, and purchase of bags, and other equipment.

Choose one day to attend and purchase this years suit and gear!


Form for Purchases here.

Recommended/Required Purchases

Starfish-Team Suit, Sweatshirt or Jacket, and Bag, Practice Suits

Bronze- Team Suit, Warmup, Bag, Practice Suits

Silver-Team Suit, Warmup, Bag, Fins, Practice suits

Gold-Team Suit, Warmup, Bag, Fins, Practice Suits

Senior & Pre-Sr-Suit, Bag, Snorkel(required), Fins(required), Buoy(required), warmup apparel, paddles(required), mesh bag(required).