Hello New Member ,

In order to register we will need a completed set of Registration forms - click the following link and please print and complete 1 sets of forms

http://www.islandersaquatics.com/registration-forms-2011-2012.htm (Registration Forms)

Please bring the completed forms with a check to the pool

Check payable to "ISLANDERS AQUATICS" ( Email Cathy McShane at Tcmac3@optonline.net for any questions concerning amount /fees )

PLEASE ALSO PRINT OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM AND FILL IN SIZES FOR THE APPROPRIATE GROUPS (we need shirt size, bathing suit size and shoe size for fins)

This equipment is given to the swimmers at no extra charge (included in your booster fee) PLEASE BRING THIS FORM TO THE POOL

http://www.islandersaquatics.com/user/image/islanders-aquatics-included-items-.pdf (Equipment Order Form)

The meet schedule will also need to be completed - Please note since you are joining late you will not be able to enter some of the upcoming meets as entries have already been submitted. If you have any questions about meets please check with Coach Marc

You can print one form each for each swimmer and indicate which meets you would like them entered into starting with the JANUARY MEETS

http://www.islandersaquatics.com/user/image/meet_schedule-28629.pdf (Meet Schedule)

PLEASE NOTE - ON DECEMBER 1ST YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO SUBMIT A CHECK FOR $ ESCROW (also payable to ISLANDERS AQUATICS) this is to cover the cost of any meets entered during the year .

Since you are joining late you may have a balance left at the end of the year - that will be carried over to the following year and you will only need to replenish the difference for the following year. Any questions re: fees please let me know.

Thanks very much!

Cathy McShane