Let me be clear: USA Swimming & Islanders Aquatics does not tolerate sexual abuse or misconduct, and I assure you that this organization is facing this extremely serious issue with one very clear goal – protecting children and athletes.

Every day we work hard to get better as an organization. We are never complacent. We want to listen and to hear from you. We are rightfully held to a high standard by our membership and our peers, and we will continue to work tirelessly to educate members, put policies in place, and empower clubs to create the best possible environments for all members. 

At Islanders Aquatics we also steadfastly believe in promoting the sport of swimming to ALL members of our community, no matter their background, race, sexual orientation or sexual identification; we welcome anyone who is interested in sharing their love for competitive swimming and our sport. 

Below, you will find a myriad of Islanders Aquatics policies & procedures, as well as additional resources for you and your athlete(s). Click on the links below to download:

USA Swimming Safe sport Policy Changes 

IA-Mission Statement

IA-Locker-Room Policies & Procedures

IA-Team Photography Policy

IA-Policy for Coaching Athletes with Disabilities

IA-Policy for Inclusion of Gender Diverse Minors

IA-Policy on Athlete Conduct

IA-Policy on Coach Conduct

IA-Policy on Parent/Guardian Conduct

IA-Travel & Training Trip Policies

IA-Electronic Communications Policy

IA-Team Policies on Bullying

IA-Team Philosophy on Creating a Championship Vision