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Safe Sport Club Recognition Program Relaunch

Annette Mackrel
To: Coaches and team leaders, LSC Executive Chairs, LSC General Chairs, LSC Permanent Office and LSC Safe Sport Chairs

With the launch of the new SWIMS database, we are excited to provide greater transparency in your club’s progress to achieve approval in USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Club Recognition (SSRP) program.

Starting November 7, 2022, the SSRP program launched with new and exciting features, including the ability to track names of club participants who have completed SSRP training online, a more seamless and user-friendly application process as well as maintaining all future growth as information will not be erased each year. In addition, both a club admin and the club’s Safe Sport coordinator will have access to the program dashboard. These roles can be assigned during the club’s registration or afterwards in the portal.

Please be patient with the launch of these new features. This will be a new and exciting time for our USA Swimming member clubs who are either starting the SSRP application process for the first time or renewing. However, we do expect a larger than average amount of USA Swimming member clubs to submit for approval. These enhancements will help USA Swimming members show their commitment to going above and beyond, and we want to provide the best possible experience and guidance for your clubs Safe Sport Recognition approval. Currently, we are expecting a 30-day turnaround in the approval process.

To learn more about SSRP, and view upcoming virtual trainings, please visit the USA Swimming's Safe Sport Club Recognition website here.

Step by Step SSRP Process in SWIMS
  1. Login to your USA Swimming dashboard on USA Swimming's website here
  2. In the Dark Blue toolbar choose Club
  3. In the drop down select Safe Sport Recognition.
  4. Click on the arrow to the right to look at the measure categories.
  5. Click on the section you would like to start working on.
  6. Click on the measure name you would like to start working on.
  7. Once you have completed filling in or uploading documents into a measure the status will change from Incomplete to complete on the right side.
  8. Once you have completed the minimum point requirements of each section and all the required measures (More than 52). Click “Submit Level” button to submit the application.

To view a step by step process video, please click here.