Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.
Vision:  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.
Metropolitan Swimming stands with our community against racist actions, incendiary statements, and violence against any person. This means we must engage individuals throughout our member community in tough conversations about inequalities, identify the signs of systematic racism, and share proven solutions.

403.1 All Metro committees must hold at least two open meetings per year.  Each must be scheduled at least 45 days before each regular House of Delegates meeting.  Meetings in excess of the minimum may be scheduled less than 45 days before a regular House of Delegates Meeting.  One of the required meetings may be canceled if the committee chair can confirm notice of the meeting has been posted on the Metro website for at least 30 days, no agenda items or proposals have been submitted for that meeting, and no member of Metro has indicated they will attend the meeting.