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Athlete Protection Training Requirement for Adult Athletes with Cognitive Disabilities


TO: LSC General Chairs, LSC Permanent Offices, LSC Registrars, LSC Safe Sport Chairs/Coordinators, National Disability Committee, Club Presidents & Coaches

The U.S. Center for SafeSport requires USA Swimming to provide regular and consistent training for all adults, including adult athletes, who interact with and have direct contact with minor athletes. USA Swimming requires, as a condition of membership, all athlete members age 18 and over complete Athlete Protection Training.

USA Swimming recognizes that the required training course may not be appropriate for some adult athlete members with cognitive disabilities. For any such adult athlete member, USA Swimming recommends the following:

  1. If the Athlete Protection Training Course is appropriate for the adult athlete’s cognitive level, the adult athlete should complete the Athlete Protection Training course with a parent or legal guardian(s).
  2. In the event the Athlete Protection Training course is not appropriate for the adult athlete’s cognitive level, the adult athlete should complete the most developmentally age-appropriate training offered by the U.S. Center for SafeSport (athletesafety.org/training/index). Once the age-appropriate training is completed, the completion certification shall be sent to [email protected]. USA Swimming will update the athlete’s member record to reflect that the training requirement is complete.
  3. In the event that none of the available trainings are cognitively appropriate for the adult athlete, the athlete’s parent or legal guardian shall send an email explaining the circumstance to [email protected].

It is the responsibility of every athlete member to ensure the annual training requirement is met applying the criteria provided above.

For more information on Athlete Protection Training, visit usaswimming.org/resource-center/athlete-protection-training

Please contact USA Swimming at [email protected] with any questions.