Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.
Vision:  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.
Metropolitan Swimming stands with our community against racist actions, incendiary statements, and violence against any person. This means we must engage individuals throughout our member community in tough conversations about inequalities, identify the signs of systematic racism, and share proven solutions.

Metropolitan Swimming Open Water Committee Page

Open Water Co-Chairs

Jeff Chu - [email protected] George Fleckenstein - [email protected]

Ryan Sommerstad (Athlete)
Zachary Arnold (Athlete)
Carle Fiero (Non-Ath
Mike Lennon (Non-Athlete)
Ann Galler (Non-Athlete)
Sandy Graham (Non-Athlete)
Judy Anker (Non-Athlete)
Diana Pimer (Non-Athlete)
Miriam Heirath (Non-Athlete)



Metro Open Water Champions

2022 - Rye Town Beach
Women's Team Champions - Long Island Express

Fiona Blaho Empire Swimming-MR Girls 10 & Under 1K 17:20.00
Zach Stewart Lewis Weschester Aquatic Club-MR Boys 10 & Under 1K 18:36.90
Molly Behrend Weschester Aquatic Club-MR Girls 11-12 1K 16:26.50
Andrew Acocella BGCNW Marlins-MR Boys 11-12 1K 16:31.20
Ryan Sommerstad Three Village Swim Club-MR Boys 13-14 5K 1:08:44.00
Gwen Serafin Long Island Express-MR Girls 15-16 5K 1:08:30.00
Matthew Cerniglia Hauppauge Athletic Association-MR Boys 15-16 5K 1:18:40.00
Mary McKenna Long Island Express-MR Girls 17-18 5K 1:04:50.00
Pierre Leroy Team Suffolk-MR Boys 17-18 5K 1:07:34.00
Garik Zlotchew XCEL-NJ Boys 11-12 3K 56:35.00
Ilse Fedoronko Greenwhich Y Dolfins-CT Girls 13-14 3K 41:59.00
James Behrend Westchester Aquatic Club-MR Boys 13-14 3K 40:18.00
Sienna White BGCNW Marlins-MR Girls 15-16 3K 41:27.00
Oliver Engel BGCNW Marlins-MR Boys 15-16 3K 39:30.00
Michael O'Donnell BGCNW Marlins-MR Boys 17-18 3K 45:08.00

2021 - Rye Town Beach

Alexander Hoffmann Unattached-Badger-MR Boys 11-12 1 Mile 27:41
Eva Morin Unattached-Westchester-MR Girsl 11-12 1 Mile 29:29
Andrew Krivenko Freedom Aquatics-MR Boys 13-14 1 Mile 27:27
Abigail King Westchester Aquatic Club-MR Girls 13-14 1 Mile 27:26
Sean Hardick Huntington YMCA-MR Masters Men 1 Mile 28:23
Benjamin Robins Badger Swim Club-MR Boys 13-14 5K 1:08:47
Fiona Barr Badger Swim Club-MR Girls 13-14 5K 1:08:00
Jerry Gordon Lynchburg YMCA Swim Team-VA Boys Open, 15 & Over 5K 1:01:27
Mary McKenna Long Island Express-MR Girls Open, 15 & Over 5K 1:00:50
David Fine Unattached-CT Masters Men 5K 1:10:00
Zachary Arnold Badger Swim Club-MR Boys 13-14 3K 38:02
Isabella Vega Westchester Aquatic Club-MR Girls 13-14 3K 37:00
Pierre Leroy Unattached-Team Suffolk-MR Boys 15& Over 3K 36:14
Kait Sweeney Westchester Aquatic Club-MR Girls 15 & Over 3K 38:25
Julian Guttierez Ferrara Unattached-MR Masters Mens 3K 48:46
Stephen Baytin X-Cel Swimming-NJ Boys 10 & Under 1K 16:11
Molly Behrend Westchester Aquatic Club-MR Girls 10 & Under 1K 15:39
James Behrend Westchester Aquatic Club-MR Boys 11-12 1K 14:24
Grace Esposito Freedom Aquatics-MR Girls 11-12 1K 14:26