Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.
Vision:  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.
Metropolitan Swimming stands with our community against racist actions, incendiary statements, and violence against any person. This means we must engage individuals throughout our member community in tough conversations about inequalities, identify the signs of systematic racism, and share proven solutions.

Season 2020-2021 Results of Covid Time Trials (TTC)

Last updated August 16, 2021


Sanction #

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Meet Dates


  TTC Results

August 2020        
200800-TTC BGNW 8/1/2020 BGNW Pool Results
200801-TTC LIAC 8/7/2020 NCAC Results
200802-TTC QNS 8/20/2020 Parkwood Results
200803-TTC WEST 8/23/2020 BGNW Pool Results
200804/05-TTC NYSA 8/20-21/2020 Goshen Results
September 2020          
200900-TTC TVSC 9/13/2020 Holtsville Results
200901/02-TTC HAA 9/12-13/2020 HAA HS Results
200903-TTC LIE 9/26/2020 LIU Results
200904-TTC HAA 9/26/2020 HAA HS Results
200905-TTC SMC 9/27/2020 Willowbrook Results
October 2020        
201000-TTC LIE 10/3/2020 LIU Results
201001-TTC LIE 10/10/2020 LIU Results
201002-TTC LIE 10/17/2020 LIU Results
201003-TTC LIE 10/24/2020 LIU Results
201004-TTC TVSC 10/10/2020 SBS Results
201005/06-TTC LIAC 10/3-4/2020 Freedom Pool Results
201007-TTC LIAC 10/9/2020 Freedom Pool Results
201008-TTC LIAC 10/14/2020 Freedom Pool Results
201009/10-TTC LIAC 10/30/2020 Freedom Pool Dual 1 - Dual 2 - Dual 3
201011-TTC YMID 10/4/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201012/13-TTC NYSA 10/10-11/2020 Goshen Results
201014-TTC EAST 10/30/2020 Purchase Results
201015-TTC FREE 10/17/2020 Brooklyn SC Results
201016-TTC LIE 10/23/2020 LIU Results
201017-TTC SMC 10/24/2020 SMC Pool Results
201018-TTC SMC 10/25/2020 SMC Pool Results
201019-TTC RA 10/25/2020 FF School Results
201020-TTC COND 10/18/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201021/22-TTC WEST 10/24-25/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201023-TTC FREE 10/25/2020 Brooklyn SC Results
201024-TTC COND 10/25/2020 YWCA Pool Results
November 2020        
201100-TTC LIAC 11/1/2020 Freedom Pool Results
201101/02-TTC LIAC 11/7/2020 Freedom Pool Dual 1 - Dual 2 - Dual 3
201103-TTC LIAC 11/8/2020 Freedom Pool Results
201104-TTC SSC/IA 11/21/2020 SBS Pool Results
201105-TTC TS 11/7/2020 Freedom Pool Results
201106-TTC RA 11/14/2020 EF School Results
201107-TTC RA 11/15/2020 EF School Results
201108-TTC YMID 11/1/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201109-TTC HAA 11/7/2020 HAA Pool Results
201110-TTC RA 11/21/2020 EF School Results
201111-TTC RA 11/22/2020 EF School Results
201112-TTC WEST 11/8/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201113-TTC EHY 11/14/2020 EHY Pool Results
201114-TTC YMID 11/11/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201115/16/17-TTC EAST 11/20/2020 Hackley Pool Results
201118-TTC SMC 11/22/2020 SMC Pool Results
201119/20-TTC LIE 11/21/2020 LIU Results
201121-TTC CSDC 11/19/2020 CHS Pool Results
201122-TTC AGUA 11/27/2020 AGUA Pool Results
201123/24/25/26-TTC NYSA 11/21-24-2020 Goshen Results
201127-TTC YFD 11/22/2020 Thornburgh Results
201128-TTC COND 11/21/2020 EF School Results
201129/31-TTC YMID 11/20/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201130-TTC COND 11/21/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201132-TTC WEST 11/29/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201133-TTC CSDC 11/25/2020 CSC Pool Results
201134-TTC YMID 11/28/2020 YWCA Pool Results
December 2020        
201201-TTC LIE 12/05/2020 LIU Results
201202-TTC LIE 12/12/2020 LIE Results
201203-TTC LIE 12/04/2020 LIU Results
201204-TTC LIE 12/11/2020 LIE Results
201205-TTC SSC/IA 12/20/2020 SBU Pool Results
201206/07-TTC LIE 12/10/13/2020 LIU Results
201208/09/10-TTC TVSC 12/04-05-06/2020 SBU Pool Results
201211/12-TTC NYSA 12/05-06/2020 Goshen Results
201213-TTC SMC 12/12/2020 SMC Pool Results
201214-TTC SMC 12/13/2020 SMC Pool Results
201215-TTC LIE 12/18/2020 LIU Pool Results
201216-TTC LIE 12/19/2020 LIU Pool Results
201217-TTC YMID 12/12/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201218-TTC YMID 12/13/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201219-TTC COND 12/20/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201220/21-TTC WEST 12/19-20/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201222/23-TTC YFD 12/19-20/2020 YFD Pool Results
201224-TTC CSDC 12/22/2020 CSC Pool Results
201225-TTC SSC/IA 12/30/2020 SBU Pool Results
201226-TTC QNS 12/20/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201227-TTC COND 12/27/2020 EF School Results
201228-TTC RA 12/27/2020 EF School Results
January 2021        
210100-TTC RA 1/3/2021 EF School Results
210101-TTC LIE 1/8/2021 LIU Pool Results
210102-TTC LIE 1/9/2021 LIU Pool Results
210104-TTC LIE 1/16/2021 LIU Pool Results
210105-TTC LIE 1/22/2021 LIU Pool Results
210106-TTC LIE 1/23/2021 LIU Pool Results
210108-TTC LIE 1/30/2021 LIU Pool Results
210109-10-11-12-TTC AGUA 1/15-18/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210113-TTC CFJV 1/16/2021 CFJV Pool Results
210114-15-TTC WEST 1/10/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210116-TTC TVSC 1/10/2021 SBU Pool Results
210117-TTC QNS 1/10/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210118-TTC SSC 1/16/2021 SBU Pool Results
210119-20-21-TTC BGNW 1/16/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210122-TTC SMC 1/30/2021 SMC Pool Results
210123-TTC SSC 1/17/2021 SBU Pool Results
210124-TTC RA 1/30/2021 EF School Results
210125-26-TTC YMID 1/17-18/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210127-TTC BAD 1/16/2021 Purchase Results
210128-29-TTC YFD 1/23-24/2021 YFD Pool Results
210130-TTC-SCM PATS 1/23/2021 New Windsor Results
210131-32-33-TTC TVSC 1/29/2021 SBU Pool Results
210134-TTC-LCM LIAC 1/23/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210135-TTC LIAC 1/24/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210136-TTC COND 1/24/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210137-TTC CSDC 1/21/2021 CSC HS Results
210138-39-40-41-TTC NYSA 1/28/2021 Goshen Results
210142-TTC QNS 1/31/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210143-TTC BAD 1/23/2021 Purchase Results
210144-TTC BAD 1/24/2021 Purchase Results
210145-TTC HAA 1/30/2021 HAA Pool Results
210146-TTC COND 1/31/2021 EF School Results
210147-TTC-SCM PATS 1/31/2021 Community Fitness Results
210148-TTC TS 1/31/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210149-TTC BAD 1/30/2021 Purchase Results
210150-TTC BAD 1/31/2021 Purchase Results
210151-52-TTC WEST 1/30-31/2021 BGNW Pool Results
February 2021         
210200-01-TTC EAST 2/13-14/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210202-TTC SMC 2/6/2021 SMC Pool Results
210203-TTC SMC 2/21/2021 SMC Pool Results
210204-05-06-TTC BGNW 2/5/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210207-TTC RA 2/27/2021 EF School Results
210208-TTC RA 2/28/2021 EF School Results
210209-TTC QNS 2/6/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210210-TTC SSC 2/17/2021 SBU Pool Results
210211-TTC SSC 2/27/2021 SBU Pool Results
210212-TTC LIAC 2/12/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210213-TTC LIAC 2/13/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210214-TTC LIAC 2/14/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210215-TTC NCAC 2/14/2021 NSCC Pool Results
210216-TTC NCAC 2/21/2021  NSCC Pool Results
210217-TTC NCAC 2/28/2021 NSCC Pool Results
210218-19-20-21-TTC AGUA 2/12-13-14-15/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210222-TTC CFJV 2/27/2021 CFJV Pool Results
210223-TTC TS 2/6/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210224-TTC CSDC 2/11/2021 CSC HS Pool Results
210225-TTC BAD 2/6/2021 Purchase Results
210226-27-TTC FREE 2/20-21/2021 BSC Pool Results
210228-TTC FA 2/20/2021 Farmingdale HS Results
210229-TTC YFD 2/19/2021 YFD Pool Results
210231-TTC LIE 2/20/2021 LIU Pool Results
210232-TTC LIE 2/21/2021 LIU Pool Results
210233-TTC-SCM PATS 2/13/2021 New Windsor Pool Results
210234-35-TTC YMID 2/20-21/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210236-TTC TRI 2/13/2021 JCC - S.I. Results
210238-TTC YMID 2/14/2021 YWCA Pool Results 
210239-TTC TS 2/20/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210240-41-TTC FREE 2/27-28/2021 BSC Pool Results
210242-TTC PATS 2/21/2021 Goshen Pool Results
210243-TTC WEST 2/28/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210244-TTC HAA 2/27/2021 HAA Pool Results
210245-TTC CSDC 2/25/2021 CSC Pool Results
210246-TTC TVSC 2/28/2021 SBU Pool Results
210247-TTC BAD 2/27/2021 Purchase Pool Results
210248-TTC BAD 2/28/2021 Purchase Pool Results
AD21-008 NDAC 2/28/2021 Catskill Rec.Center Results
March 2021        
210300-TTC EAST 3/19/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210301-TTC EAST 3/20/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210302-TTC EAST 3/21/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210303-TTC EAST 3/22/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210304-05-06-07-TTC NYSA 3/4-5-6-7/2021 Goshen Pool Results
210308-09-10-TTC AGUA 3/5-6-7/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210311-TTC QNS 3/7/2021 YWCA Pool Resuts
210312-TTC CSDC 3/4/2021 CSC Pool Results
210313-TTC SSC 3/20/2021 SBU or SSC-N Results
210314-TTC NCAC 3/14/2021 NSCC Pool Results
210316-TTC SMC 3/13/2021 SMC East Pool Results
210317-TTC SMC 3/14/2021 SMC East Pool Results
210318-TTC LIE 3/5/2021 LIU Pool Results
210319-TTC LIE 3/6/2021 LIU Pool Results
210320-TTC LIE 3/7/2021 LIU Pool Results
210321-22-TTC YFD 3/6-7/2021 92nd Street Y Results
210323-TTC PATS 3/14/2021  Goshen Pool Results
210324-TTC SSC 3/19/2021 SBU or SSC-N Results
210325-26-TTC YMID 3/13-14/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210327-28-TTC YMID 3/13-14/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210329-TTC RA 3/7/2021 EF School Results
210330-TTC QNS 3/21/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210331-32-33-TTC AGUA 3/19/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210334-TTC RA 3/20/2021 EF School Results
210335-36-TTC BGNW 3/20-21/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210337-TTC-SCM PATS 3/21/2021 New Windsor Pool Results
210338-TTC HAA 3/20/2021 HAA HS Results
210339-TTC TVSC 3/21/2021 SBU Pool Results
AD21-014 NDAC 3/21/2021 Catskill Rec. Center Results
210340-41-TTC TRI 3/26-27/2021  SI JCC Results
April 2021         
210400-TTC NCAC 4/11/2021 NSCC Pool Results
210401-TTC SMC 4/30/2021 SMC East Results
210402-TTC WEST 4/10/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210403-TTC TVSC 4/11/2021 SBU Pool Results
210404-05-TTC YFD 4/24-25/2021 92nd St. Y Pool Results
210406-TTC YMID 4/17/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210407-TTC YMID 4/18/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210408-09-TTC FREE 4/24-25/2021 BSC Pool Results
210410-to-210415-TTC NYSA 4/26-5/1/2021 Goshen Pool Results
May 2021         
210500-TTC SMC 5/1/2021 SMC East Results
210501-TTC SMC 5/2/2021 SMC East Results
210502-03-TTC EAST 5/15-16/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210504-TTC NCAC 5/2/2021 NSCC Pool Results
210505-06-TTC AGUA 5/29-30/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210507-TTC WEST 5/7/2021 Yonkers Montessori Results
210508-TTC BAD 5/1/2021 Purchase Pool Results
210509-TTC BAD 5/2/2021 Purchase Pool Results
210510-TTC NCAC 5/30/2021 NSCC Pool Results
210513-14-TTC LIAC 5/28-29/2021 NCAC Pool Results
210515-16-TTC YFD 5/14-15/2021 YFD Pool Results
210517-18-TTC COND 5/22-23/2021 Mark Twain Pool Results
210519-TTC YMID 5/13/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210520-21-TTC QNS 5/22-23/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210522-TTC BGNW 5/22/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210523-24-TTC-SCM FREE 5/22-23/2021 BSC Pool Results
June 2021         
210600-TTC RA 6/12/2021 Pocantico Pool Results
210601-TTC RA 6/13/2021 Pocantico Pool Results
210602-03-TTC EAST 6/5-6/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210604-TTC LIFE 6/5/2021 LIFE Pool Results
210605-TTC QNS 6/19/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210606-07-TTC YMID 6/12-13/2021 Westwood Pool Results
210608-TTC HAA 6/3/2021 HAA HS Results
210609-10-11-TTC NYSA 6/4-5-6/2021 Goshen Pool Results
210612-TTC SSC 6/26/2021 Holtsville Pool Results
210613-TTC RA 6/26/2021 Pocantico Pool Results
210614-TTC RA 6/27/2021 Pocantico Pool Results
210615-TTC LIAC 6/30/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210670-APT FLY 6/13/2021 Flushing Y Pool Results
210616-TTC YMID 6/27/2021 YWCA Pool Results
July 2021         
210700-TTC CFJV-SCY 7/7/2021 Club Fit JV Pool Results
210701-TTC LIAC 7/7/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210702-TTC LIAC 7/14/2021 Freedom Pool Results
210703-TTC NCAC-SCY 7/2/2021 NCSC Pool Results
210704-TTC NCAC 7/11/2021 NCSC Pool Results
210707-TTC SSC-SCY 7/9/2021 SSC North Pool Results
210709-TTC YMID-LCM 7/3/2021 Westwood Pool Results
210710-11-TTC YMID-LCM 7/10-11/2021 Westwood Pool Results
210712-TTC EAST-SCY 7/11/2021 Hackley Pool Results
210713-14-TTC FREE-SCM 7/10-11/2021 BSC Pool Results
210715-16-17-TTC NYSA-SCY 7/9-10-11/2021 Goshen Pool Results
210718-TTC RA 7/22/2021 Pocantico Pool Results
210719-TTC SSC 7/14/2021 Holtsville Pool Results
210720-TTC LIFE 7/31/2021 Life Fitness Pool Results
210721-TTC TVSC-SSC 7/30/2021 Holtsville Pool Results
August 2021         
210800-TTC LIAC-SCY 8/13/2021 Nassau County Results