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  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.

Season 2020-2021 Results of Covid Time Trials (TTC)

Last updated January 17, 2021


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  TTC Results

August 2020        
200800-TTC BGNW 8/1/2020 BGNW Pool Results
200801-TTC LIAC 8/7/2020 NCAC Results
200802-TTC QNS 8/20/2020 Parkwood Results
200803-TTC WEST 8/23/2020 BGNW Pool Results
200804/05-TTC NYSA 8/20-21/2020 Goshen Results
September 2020             
200900-TTC TVSC 9/13/2020 Holtsville Results
200901/02-TTC HAA 9/12-13/2020 HAA HS Results
200903-TTC LIE 9/26/2020 LIU Results
200904-TTC HAA 9/26/2020 HAA HS Results
200905-TTC SMC 9/27/2020 Willowbrook Results
October 2020        
201000-TTC LIE 10/3/2020 LIU Results
201001-TTC LIE 10/10/2020 LIU Results
201002-TTC LIE 10/17/2020 LIU Results
201003-TTC LIE 10/24/2020 LIU Results
201004-TTC TVSC 10/10/2020 SBS Results
201005/06-TTC LIAC 10/3-4/2020 Freedom Results
201007-TTC LIAC 10/9/2020 Freedom Results
201008-TTC LIAC 10/14/2020 Freedom Results
201009/10-TTC LIAC 10/30/2020 Freedom Dual 1 - Dual 2 - Dual 3
201011-TTC YMID 10/4/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201012/13-TTC NYSA 10/10-11/2020 Goshen Results
201014-TTC EAST 10/30/2020 Purchase Results
201015-TTC FREE 10/17/2020 Brooklyn SC Results
201016-TTC LIE 10/23/2020 LIU Results
201017-TTC SMC 10/24/2020 SMC Pool Results
201018-TTC SMC 10/25/2020 SMC Pool Results
201019-TTC RA 10/25/2020 FF School Results
201020-TTC COND 10/18/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201021/22-TTC WEST 10/24-25/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201023-TTC FREE 10/25/2020 Brooklyn SC Results
201024-TTC COND 10/25/2020 YWCA Pool Results
November 2020        
201100-TTC LIAC 11/1/2020 Freedom Results
201101/02-TTC LIAC 11/7/2020 Freedom Dual 1 - Dual 2 - Dual 3
201103-TTC LIAC 11/8/2020 Freedom Results
201104-TTC SSC/IA 11/21/2020 SBS Pool Results
201105-TTC TS 11/7/2020 Freedom Results
201106-TTC RA 11/14/2020 EF School Results
201107-TTC RA 11/15/2020 EF School Results
201108-TTC YMID 11/1/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201109-TTC HAA 11/7/2020 HAA Pool Results
201110-TTC RA 11/21/2020 EF School Results
201111-TTC RA 11/22/2020 EF School Results
201112-TTC WEST 11/8/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201113-TTC EHY 11/14/2020 EHY Pool Results
201114-TTC YMID 11/11/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201115/16/17-TTC EAST 11/20/2020 Hackley Pool Results
201118-TTC SMC 11/22/2020 SMC Pool Results
201119/20-TTC LIE 11/21/2020 LIU Results
201121-TTC CSDC 11/19/2020 CHS Pool Results
201122-TTC AGUA 11/27/2020 AGUA Pool Results
201123/24/25/26-TTC NYSA 11/21-24-2020 Goshen Results
201127-TTC YFD 11/22/2020 Thornburgh Results
201128-TTC COND 11/21/2020 EF School Results
201129/31-TTC YMID 11/20/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201130-TTC COND 11/21/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201132-TTC WEST 11/29/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201133-TTC CSDC 11/25/2020 CSC Pool Results
201134-TTC YMID 11/28/2020 YWCA Pool Results
December 2020        
201201-TTC LIE 12/05/2020 LIU Results
201202-TTC LIE 12/12/2020 LIE Results
201203-TTC LIE 12/04/2020 LIU Results
201204-TTC LIE 12/11/2020 LIE Results
201205-TTC SSC/IA 12/20/2020 SBU Pool Results
201206/07-TTC LIE 12/10/13/2020 LIU Results
201208/09/10-TTC TVSC 12/04-05-06/2020 SBU Pool Results
201211/12-TTC NYSA 12/05-06/2020 Goshen Results
201213-TTC SMC 12/12/2020 SMC Pool Results
201214-TTC SMC 12/13/2020 SMC Pool Results
201215-TTC LIE 12/18/2020 LIU Pool Results
201216-TTC LIE 12/19/2020 LIU Pool Results
201217-TTC YMID 12/12/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201218-TTC YMID 12/13/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201219-TTC COND 12/20/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201220/21-TTC WEST 12/19-20/2020 BGNW Pool Results
201222/23-TTC YFD 12/19-20/2020 YFD Pool Results
201224-TTC CSDC 12/22/2020 CSC Pool Results
201225-TTC SSC/IA 12/30/2020 SBU Pool Results
201226-TTC QNS 12/20/2020 YWCA Pool Results
201227-TTC COND 12/27/2020 EF School Results
201228-TTC RA 12/27/2020 EF School Results
January 2021        
210100-TTC RA 1/3/2021 EF School Results
210101-TTC LIE 1/8/2021 LIU Pool Results
210102-TTC LIE 1/9/2021 LIU Pool Results
210103-TTC LIE 1/15/2021 LIU Pool Results
210104-TTC LIE 1/16/2021 LIU Pool Results
210105-TTC LIE 1/22/2021 LIU Pool Results
210106-TTC LIE 1/23/2021 LIU Pool Results
210107-TTC LIE 1/29/2021 LIU Pool Results
210108-TTC LIE 1/30/2021 LIU Pool Results
210109-TTC AGUA 1/15/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210110-TTC AGUA 1/16/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210111-TTC AGUA 1/17/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210112-TTC AGUA 1/18/2021 AGUA Pool Results
210113-TTC CFJV 1/16/2021 CFJV Pool Results
210115-TTC WEST 1/10/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210116-TTC TVSC 1/10/2021 SBU Pool Results
210117-TTC QNS 1/10/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210118-TTC SSC 1/16/2021 SBU Pool Results
210119-20-21-TTC BGNW 1/16/2021 BGNW Pool Results
210122-TTC SMC 1/30/2021 SMC Pool Results
210123-TTC SSC 1/17/2021 SBU Pool Results
210124-TTC RA 1/30/2021 EF School Results
210125-TTC YMID 1/17/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210126-TTC YMID 1/18/2021 YWCA Pool Results
210127-TTC BAD 1/16/2021 Purchase Results
210128-TTC YFD 1/23/2021 YFD Pool Results
210129-TTC YFD 1/24/2021 YFD Pool Results
210130-TTC PATS 1/23/2021 Beacon HS Results
210131-TTC TVSC 1/29/2021 SBU Pool Results
210132-TTC TVSC 1/30/2021 SBU Pool Results
210133-TTC TVSC 1/31/2021 SBU Pool Results
210134-TTC LIAC 1/23/2021 Freedom Results
210135-TTC LIAC 1/24/2021 Freedom Results