Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.

  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.

Last update: 02-27-2020

Important note to all teams running meets with Hy-Tek MM 
Meet results will be posted only after they have been uploaded in SWIMS
Clubs must send a full meet backup to Monique:   monique.grayson.metroswimming.org

2020 Metro Long Course

Date Sanction# Meet Name/Meet Packet Events Posted Results CL2
5/13/20 6:30PM

House of Delegates
Travers Island 6:30PM

April 24-26   LIAC - LI Challenge canceled due to COVID-19      
April 26   Nile Crocodile- April Invite canceled due to COVID-19      
May 1-3   Condors - May Meters Matter Invite        
May 3   Red Fox Aquatic Club-Spring Warm Up canceled due to COVID-19      
May 8-10   NYSA Mothers Day Madness          
May 9-10   LIAC - Spring Kickoff        
May 15-17   Phoenix - Spring Starter Invitational        
May 16   LIAC - May Day        
May 16-17   Empire - May Invitational (SCY)            
May 17 200500  200553-T Sachem - A-May-Zing Races Events 3/5/20    
May 22-24   LIE - May Extravaganza        
May 23-24   AGUA - Memorial Day Invite        
May 24   Nile Crocodile May Invitational        
May 28-31   Super Sectionals Richmond, Va.        
June 5-7   Condors - Summer Solstice Invite          
June 5-7   LIE - June Kickoff        
June 6-7   Patriot - TYR Summer Invite        
June 6   LIAC - Summer Sizzler        
June 7   Sachem Summer Mad Dash        
June 12-14   Phoenix Summer Classic Invitational        
June 13-14   LIAC Summer Classic        
June 14   Nile Crocodile June Invitational        
June 19-21   NYSA Summer Sizzler        
June 20-21   RED International        
June 26-28   LIAC Summer Fun        
June 26-28   LIE June Jamboree        
June 27   Zone Open Water Champ        
July 1   LIAC - Jr Mets 1        
July 8   LIAC Jr Mets 2        
July 11-12   LIAC 2 Day Summer Event        
July 11-12   LIE Summer Sizzler        
July 11-12   NYSA Last Chance        
July 15   LIAC Jr Mets 3        
July 16-19   TYR Sr. Mets Championships        
July 19   Nile Crocodile July Invitational        
July 24-26   JO's - NCAC        
August 2   Nile Crocodile August Invitational        
August 6-9   Senior Zone Champs        
August 5-8   Age Group Zones  Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University