Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.
Vision:  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.
Metropolitan Swimming stands with our community against racist actions, incendiary statements, and violence against any person. This means we must engage individuals throughout our member community in tough conversations about inequalities, identify the signs of systematic racism, and share proven solutions.

2021 Long Course Schedule

The schedule is Subject to Change based on Local Health Guidelines, Pool Availability,
and Any Other Unforseen Circumstances

Check Back Often for Updates!

Date Sanction# Posted Meet Host/Name Events Results CL2
April 8-11 210401 3/15/21 LI Challenge/LIAC Events Results CL2
April 17-18 210402 (SCY)   SSC Spring Spectacular   Results CL2
April 14-18 210400   EAST Virtual SKI Meet (Closed Meet)   Results  
April 29-May 2 210403 (SCY)   LIE Black vs. Blue (Closed Meets)   Results  
May 15-16 210500 3/31/21 Spring Kickoff/LIAC Events Results CL2
May 22-23 210501 4/7/21 A-May-Zing Races/SSC   Results CL2
June 6 210602 5/3/21 Summer Mad Dash/SSC   Results CL2
June 12-13 210600 3/31/21 Summer Classic/LIAC Events Results CL2
June 18-19 210604 (SCY) 6/3/21 BGNW SCY Summer Send Off Invite Events Results CL2
June 26-27 210601 3/31/21 Summer Fun/LIAC Events Results CL2
July 10-11 210700 3/31/21 2 Day Summer Event/LIAC Events Results CL2
July 10-11 210705 - 210752-T 6/29/21 LIE Summer Sizzler   Results CL2
July 15-18 210701 4/10/21 Sr. Mets/Metro Events Results CL2
July 23-25 210704 6/8/21 LC JO's/LIAC Events Results CL2