Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.

  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.


Metropolitan Swimming stands with our community against racist actions, incendiary statements, and violence against any person. This means we must engage individuals throughout our member community in tough conversations about inequalities, identify the signs of systematic racism, and share proven solutions.


2022-2023 Short Course Schedule

Schedule is Subject to Change based on Local Health Guidelines, Pool Availability, and Any Other Unforseen Circumstances

Check Back Often for Updates!

Date Sanction# Meet Name/Meet Packet Posted Events Results CL2
September 10 9:00 am Mandatory HOD meeting at Travers Island 7/27/22      
September 18 220901  220951-T NCAC 1st Sprint Meet 8/17/22 Events    
September 24 220999-OW Metro Open Water Championships 8/17/22      
September 25 220900  220950-t

SSC TYR September Sprint

updated 8/8/22

7/27/22 Events    
October 1-2   FREE Season Starter        
October 1-2   BGNW Harvest Festival        
October 1-2   NYSA Distance Carnival        
October 2   FLY Distance Meet        
October 8   NBS Season Starter        
October 8-9   FLY Jr Swim Meet        
October 8-9   AGUA Season Starter        
October 8-9   WEST Tina Ficarelli        
Oct. 8-9   TVSC Wycoff        
October 9   NDAC Sprint Pentatholon         
October 14-16   LIE Octoberfest        
October 14-16   COND Fall Festival        
October 15-16   YMID Oct Hispanic Heritage Meet        
October 16   SSC Fall Face Off        
October 22-23   LIAC Chappy's Big Race        
October 28   MWDA Heats & Treats Distance        
October 29-30   MWDA Heats & Treats Meet        
October 30   HAA Halloween Meet        
October 30   NCAC 2nd Sprint Meet        
November 4-6   LIE Fall Classic        
November 4-6   PAC Maria Paraman        
November 5-6   TRI Fall Invitational        
November 11-13   FLY Big Apple Classic        
November 11-13   NYSA / VAC Classic        
November 12   BGNW November Distance        
November 12   SSC Turkery Trot        
November 12-13   FREE IMX Challenge        
November 13   BGNW 8 & Under Meet        
November 18-20   LIAC Thanksgiving Invite        
November 18-20   COND IMX Invitational        
November 19   SSC Turkey Trot Distance        
November 20   NCAC 3rd Sprint Meet        
November 25-27   LIE Thanksgiving Classic        
November 27   NDAC Thanksgiving Distance        
December 2   NBS Blue and Gold Distance        
December 2-4   BGNW 14 & Under Invitational        
December 3-4   NBS Blue and Gold        
December 3-5   NYSA Holiday Classic        
December 8-11   HAA TYR Eagle Invite        
December 11   NCAC 4th Sprint Meet        
December 17-18   FREE Freedomfest        
December 17-18   TRI Winter National        
December 17-18   NDAC Winterfestival        
December 17-18   WEST Dottie Fierro Toyz for Tots        
December 18   SSC Reindeer Games        
January 2023          
January 13-15   TVSC TJ Kelly January Joust        
January 13-15   NBS Trials and Finals        
January 14-15   NFS MLK Invitational        
January 14-15   FREE IM Ready        
January 14-16   AGUA MLK Invite        
January 16   YMID MLK Distance        
January 16   YMID 8 & Under        
January 20-22   LIE January Joust        
January 20-22   PAC Winter Invitational        
January 20-22   NYSA / VAC January Blitz        
January 21-22   FLY Fran Scnarr Sprint        
January 21-23   WEST Chris Dewey Memorial Meet        
January 27-29   HAWKS Hawks Trials and Finals        
January 29   HAA Snowmaggedon        
January 29   NCAC 5th Sprint Meet        
February 3   MWDA Sink or Swim Distance        
February 4-5   MWDA Sink or Swim Meet        
February 3-5   YMID February Classic        
February 3-5   SSC February Freeze        
February 3-5   COND Last Chance        
February 10-12   BGNW February Freeze        
February 10-12   LIE Second Chance        
February 11-12   FREE Champ Qualifier        
February 16-19   MR Senior Mets TYR Championships        
February 24-26   MR Silvers Champs North - NYSA/VAC        
February 24-26   MR Silvers Champs Central - NCAC        
February 24-26   MR Silvers Champs South - TVSC        
March 3-4   FREE Spring Challenger        
March 3-4   AGUA Last Chance 9 & Over        
March 4-5   MR 8 & Under Champs - NCAC Lehman College        
March 10-12   MR Junior Olympics - LIAC        
March 10-12   MR 15-18 Team Challenge - LIAC        
March 24-26   MR Bronze Champs North - NBS        
March 24-26   MR Bronze Champs Central - NCAC        
March 24-26   MR Bronze Champs South - LIE