Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.
Vision:  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.
Metropolitan Swimming stands with our community against racist actions, incendiary statements, and violence against any person. This means we must engage individuals throughout our member community in tough conversations about inequalities, identify the signs of systematic racism, and share proven solutions.

Season 2022-2023 - Results of Time Trials (TT)

Last Updated November 29, 2022


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Sanction # Meet Host Meet Dates Location Results
September 2022        
220950-TT SSC 9/25/2022 NCAC with meet results
220951-TT NCAC 9/18/2022 Mark Twain meet canceled
220952-TT BGNW 9/24/2022 BGNW Results
220953-TT LIAC 9/25/2022 Freedom Pool Results
October 2022        
221050-TT SSC 10/16/2022 NCAC no time trials
221051-TT NCAC 10/30/2022 Mark Twain no time trials
221052-TT LIE 10/14-16, 2022 Hofstra no time trials
221053-TT BGNW 10/1-2/2022 BGNW no time trials
221054-TT TVSC 10/8-9/2022 WMHS no time trials
221055-TT FREE 10/1-2/2022 BSC Results
221056-TT TVSC 10/7/2022 WMHS Results
221057-58-TT EAST 10/9/2022 Hackley Results
221059-TT COND 10/14-16/2022 Felix Festa no time trials
221060-TT TS 10/1/2022 LIU-CW Pool Results
221061-DTT EHY-HYB 10/15/2022 EHY Results
221062-TT LIAC 10/12/2022 NCAC Results
221063-TT LIAC 10/16/2022 NCAC Results
221064-TT NYSA 10/1/2022 Goshen Results
221065-TT QNS 10/29/2022 Queens College Results
221066-TT AGUA 10/21/2022 AGUA Results
221067-TT TS 10/29/2022 LIU-WC Results
November 2022        
221150-TT LIE 11/4-6/2022 Hofstra no time trials
221151-TT LIE 11/25-27/2022 Hofstra with meet results
221152-TT SSC 11/19/2022 SHS no time trials
221153-TT SSC 11/12/2022 Sachem East Results
221154-TT SSC 11/22/2022 Sachem North Results
221155-TT LIAC 11/03/2022 NCAC Results
221156-TT LIAC 11/22/2022 NCAC Results
221157-TT CFJV 11/12/2022 CFJV Results
221158-TT LIAC 11/20/2022 NCAC Results
221159-TT NDAC 11/27/2022 Bard College Results
221160-TT WEST 11/19/2022 Mark Twain Results
221161-TT NCAC 11/20/2022 Mark Twain no time trials
221162-TT COND 11/18-20/2022 Felix Festa Results
221163-TT FREE 11/12-13/2022 BSC Results
221164-TT SSC 11/22/2022 Sachem North Results
221165-TT LIAC 11/04/2022 Freedom Results
221166-TT QNS 11/26/2022 Queens College Results
221167-TT CSDC 11/21/2022 Connetquot Results
December 2022        
221250-TT BGNW 12/2-4/2022 BGNW Pool Results
221251-TT SSC 12/18/2022 NCAC Pool Results
221252-TT LIAC 12/21/2022 NCAC Pool Results
221253-TT NYSA 12/3-5/2022 Felix Festa Results
221254-TT NCAC 12/11/2022 Mark Twain Results