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Travel reimbursements

Mary Fleckenstein
Clubs and Families - Reimbursement reminders
1) All receipts must be included with the request for reimbursement.  Travel, housing and food are only reimbursable for the athlete not for family members or coaches.
     Meal receipts must be detailed and only 1 meal per receipt is acceptable.  It is recommended the receipt for the athlete's meal be separate.  All receipts must have the athlete's name on them. Athlete may receive $25 per day for   meal  expense if no receipts are available.
2) If the reimbursement is requested by a club - all receipts must be in the club's name and swimmer's name.  If a family has paid for any part of the requested reimbursement, the club must submit a statement confirming they are submitting on behalf of the athlete and that the family has been or will be reimbursed the amount by the club.  A club may also submit expenses on behalf of the athlete and request payment be made to the athlete or family.
3) Reimbursements are only available for expenses not covered by any other source excluding family members or guardian.
4) College athletes receiving funds through the college are not eligible for reimbursement of any expenses paid by the college.  Compliance offices will be contacted.