Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.
Vision:  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.
Metropolitan Swimming stands with our community against racist actions, incendiary statements, and violence against any person. This means we must engage individuals throughout our member community in tough conversations about inequalities, identify the signs of systematic racism, and share proven solutions.

Team Unify video on new SWIMS 3.0

These following 2 documents are from Virginia Swimming - they were updated 8/31/22 at 9:00 pm

Instructions for Creating an Account in SWIMS 3.0

Instructions for 2023 Registering with USA Swimming

Help Guide from Michigan Swimming


Additional USA Swim Information

The first two items on your list can be addressed with some recently updated videos on the SWIMS Resource Hub.

Both videos show the Ping verification process, and the Existing Members version walks through the account linking process.


Additional language for the account linking process can be found in the communications archive – August 23rd- SWIMS: Linking Your USA Swimming Member Ids

https://www.usaswimming.org/about-usas/resources/swims-database/coaches-team-leaders (bottom of the page). That language is as follows:


To help address common questions related to the launch of the new SWIMS database and Online Member Registration (OMR), we have some important information related to account creation.

All users need to create an account to access the new SWIMS database. During account creation, existing members must link to their new USA Swimming ID. To preserve historical registration data, APT status, Background Check status, and account permissions USA Swimming created a link between a member’s old USA Swimming ID and their new USA Swimming ID. By linking to your new USA Swimming ID, historical data and permissions are automatically added to your new account.

Members link to their new USA Swimming ID by entering their new ID number during account creation. Members can request and receive their new USA Swimming ID by following the steps below:

  1. During account creation, after selecting “Existing Member”, members can request their new USA Swimming ID be emailed to them. This action will send the new USA Swimming ID to the email on file in USA Swimming’s old member database. The email currently on file may be different than the email entered/used during account creation – please check all your email addresses, junk folders, etc. The email on file may be missing, incorrect or outdated. If you do not receive the email with your new ID, it is likely that your email address is incorrect in the old database. Users that do not receive their new USA Swimming ID via email should proceed to the second step.
  2. If you do not receive the email with your new USA Swimming ID, please reach out to your LSC Admin. Those individuals have access to the “Member Details” search in SWIMS where they can find and share your new USA Swimming ID. Once you receive your ID from your admin, you can proceed with your account creation.


Note: Earlier in the account creation process, users are emailed a Ping verification code. The Ping verification code is not your new USA Swimming ID. Since the verification code will go to the email used for account creation, not the email stored in the old database, the verification code and the new USA Swimming ID may be emailed to different email addresses.


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How to Create An Account for Existing Members

How to Create An Account for Parents



Every member of USA Swimming (parents of minor athletes, adult athletes, coaches, officials, and others) will need to create a "Ping" account with USA Swimming.  This year everyone will be required to create an account regardless of if they currently have an login with USA Swimming.  

Parents of minor athletes, adult athletes, coaches, officials and others will register directly with USA Swimming through their "Ping" account for their annual membership (in this case for the 2023 registration year).  A person can have one "Ping" account with multiple memberships (parent registering several minor children and as an official, parent registering a minor child and as a coach for example).  No paper forms, no batch files, etc.       

The Club Registration Coordinator will provide a link for each member to register.  No one will be able to register on usaswimming.org without this link. 

The Metro Office will provide the registration link for unattached members. 

Contact information such as mailing address, email address, phone number, emergency contact, race, ethnicity, disability, ect. will be collected at registration even if it has been provided in the past.  

Club Registration Coordinators should verify a new swimmer's age and date of birth through a legal document.  

During the registration process, the USA Swimming portion and the Metro portion of the Registration Fees will be paid electronically by the member.  Clubs will NOT need to collect the USA Swimming portion or the Metro portion of the Registration Fees.  

Club will be responsible for registering as a Club Member directly with USA Swimming and pay that portion of the registration fee at the time of registration.

The LSC portion of a club's registration fee will be invoiced once the club has registered.  

Clubs will be required to complete an LSC Club Registration form at the start of the season.  (emailed to clubs in August)


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Flex - 12 & under only