Northern Dutchess Aquatic Club is a not-for-profit club governed and run by NDAC Parents.

The 'wet side' of NDAC is run by our coaches.

All other asepcts of NDAC (the 'dry side') are managed by an elected volunteer Parent Board of Directors.

The NDAC Parent Board has a monthly meeting typically on the first Wednesday of each month during practice.

We meet at 7pm in the upstairs conference room at Bard (Pool Building).

All current NDAC parents are welcome at each meeting and we encourage you to attend.

Every season NDAC Board Parents 'graduate' from the team along with their Senior swimmers.

We are always looking for new parents willing to share their unique skills and talents with NDAC.

Please speak to or contact a Board Member if you would like to become more involved.

If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us or find us at Bard or at meets. We are here to help!



Beth Mattis Herbert

Beth has served on the NDAC Parent Board since 2015 and was elected Board President for the 2019-20 season. Previously she also served as Secretary.

Her twin sons, Owain and Theo, started swimming with Red Hook Sea Raiders at age 6. They both joined NDAC in 2014 (age 10) and swam together until 2017. Theo now plays baseball year-round and Owain (age 15) is still loving swimming in NDAC Group 4.

Beth was NDAC's Concession Manager from 2015-2019 and designs the NDAC Yearbook and Website. Please email her any great swimming photos you take!






Frank Seldin

Frank has been on the NDAC Board since 2017, and has been NDAC's Treasurer since 2018.

His daughter Emily (Happy Face) started NDAC in 2016 at age 10, and has been swimming for the Rhinebeck Manta Rays since she was 5. Emily also manages to find time for travel soccer, piano and acrobatic silks. Emily's twin sister Elyse is a dancer.

You also probably know Frank as the man on the other end of the leash from Hazel.


Michelle Hally

Michelle joined the NDAC board as Secretary in 2018.

Michelle's son Seamus began swimming for NDAC in 2011 at age 8.  He is now 15 and in Group 4. Her daughter Madelyn followed in her big brother’s footsteps, breast-stroking her way into Group 1 in 2017 at age 6. Maddy is now in Group 2. Michelle's middle son Liam also swam in the pre-team program for NDAC at age 5.  After two years swimming, he decided to pursue soccer, but can still be caught showing off his strokes at the Red Hook Pool.

Without any personal experience in the sport, Michelle relied on senior parents and the NDAC coaches for guidance.  After easing her way into invitationals, Michelle can be found at most meets in the stands cheering.  She is also in the Bard bleachers during most Group 2 practices and invites new parents to approach her with any questions!


Martha Tepepa

Martha has served on the NDAC Parent Board since 2017. She took on the job of Registrar in 2018.

Her daughter Marina joined NDAC in 2016 at age 6 and swims year-round, this year in Group 2. Marina enjoys attending meets and has made lots of NDAC friends.

Martha is available and glad to answer any questions about Registration or anything related to NDAC.


Howard Dorner

Howard's family joined NDAC in 2012 and he has been on the Board since 2016. He served as NDAC President for three seasons, from 2016-2019.

Howard has been a USA Swimming Official since 2012. He is also a certified Starter and Referee. 

If you are interested in becoming an Official, please get in touch with Howard.


Chris Pociask

Chris joined the NDAC Board in 2015 and has held such positions as Hospitality Head, Timing System Setup Lead and Newsletter.

The Pociasks have been part of the NDAC family since 2014. His daughter Brooke and son Joseph are involved in many sports and organizations, but NDAC is their first love and focus. Joseph will tell you HE is the reason we all came to NDAC – just ask him! The Bard Pool seems to be our second home now.

Chris is always happy to answer any questions from new (or existing) NDAC parents. Go NDAC!


Brooke Jude

Brooke, NDAC's newest Board Member, joined the Board in Summer 2019 to take over NDAC Merchandise from Maureen. Welcome Brooke!

Brooke and Craig's daughter Catherine has been swimming for NDAC for the past 2 years, now in Group 3, and for the Red Hook Sea Raiders for the past 5 summers. When she is not enjoying her time in the water, she is taking dance classes.

If you have questions about swim gear, NDAC Spiritwear and ordering, please don't hestitate to let Brooke know!


Maureen Graham

Maureen has been on the NDAC Board since 2017 and also took over Merchandise at that time.

Her daughter Catherine swam with NDAC in 6th grade. In 7th grade she left NDAC to join the FDR Varsity and Millbrook swim teams. In 9th grade Catherine decided she LOVES swimming and was ready for a serious commitment. She returned to NDAC in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Catherine will be graduating in 2020 and looks forward to a fantastic Senior year swimming with both FDR and NDAC!

Maureen is stepping back from the Board to enjoy her last season as an NDAC Parent. Thank you for all your hard work Maureen!


Julia Liu

Julia became involved with NDAC when her two sons joined the team for the 2008-2009 season.  She has been on the Parent Board since 2011 and has held both the Secretary and the Vice President positions. Julia has taken the lead on planning NDAC events such as Swimathons, Awards Banquets and Overnights. She has also managed NDAC's social media presence. This season Julia organized NDAC's 25th Season Fundrasier.

As her youngest son Alex enters his last season in 2019, Julia is stepping back from her many years of volunteer service to NDAC. She'll be found all season in the stands and on the pool deck laughing with her swim friends and cheering on the kids.

Julia loves this sport and this team!  If you ever have a question, be sure to reach out.

Thank you for all your contributions to NDAC over the years Julia!