Metropolitan Swimming - Long Course 2020 All Meets Cancelled

NDAC Board

Metropolitan Swimming Members- Swimmers, Coaches, Officials, Parents, and other Volunteers

The Metropolitan Board of Directors hopes this note finds you safe and healthy.

Recent news out of New York State has been positive in regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Regulations and restrictions put into place have proven to help “flatten the curve.”

With that knowledge and information being disseminated from USA Swimming HQ, the Metropolitan Board of Directors have been having ongoing discussions about what “normal” will look like when operations can resume. Being that the Metropolitan area has been a hotspot area of the COVID pandemic, the new “normal” in our area will likely look quite different from what our day-to-day looked like prior to March 2020.

At the Board of Director meeting on Wednesday April 29, 2020, the Board voted to cancel the existing 2020 Long Course Meet Schedule, including the 2020 Summer Junior Olympics and the 2020 Summer Senior Metropolitan Swimming Championships.

This decision was made considering several factors, including the cancellation of larger meets in our area and nationally, including the Age Group Zone Championships, Senior Zone Championships, and all National events scheduled for August. Additionally, no one knows what restrictions or regulations specific facilities will institute to promote a healthy and safe environment. Most important to the BOD and likely all our LSC members, is the consideration of athlete wellness and preparedness. Given an extensive period of time out of the water with no real idea of what training will look like when we are able to return to the pool, freeing up the summer for our athletes to enjoy their sport they love so much is of our utmost priority.

With that said, the Board of Directors has not restricted the ability of teams to potentially host time trial events, virtual meets, or limited competition based on guidelines that we will be given from our local governments and USA Swimming. Should the opportunity for those arise down the road, alternative sanctions will be considered.

The last week has provided some semblance of a light at the end of the tunnel for what has been a challenging six weeks. Our BOD is meeting on a regular basis to examine the ever changing situation of this pandemic and we look forward to hopefully bringing you good news as we continue forward and are here to support our teams and athletes.

In closing, wishing you all safe and healthy.

The Metropolitan Swimming Board of Directors