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2021 Spring Short Course

Open for Returning Members

12/16/20 - 1/31/21

Welcome to the Northern Dutchess Aquatic Club Registration for our 2021 Short Course Swim Session.

For January-April 2nd 2021, NDAC will be swimming at 2 locations:

  • Catskill Recreation Center Pool, 651 County Highway 38, Arkville, NY 12406. (only 11 and older Group 4 will swim at this location, on Tuesday evenings)
  • Ulster County YMCA, 507 Broadway, Kingston NY 12401 (all groups, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)


This session will run from Saturday January 2nd 2021 through Friday April 2nd 2021 (13 weeks)


  • Group 2+  (10 and under/11 and older) will swim Wednesday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons (Kingston Y) -- 3 Hrs / Wk
  • Group 3 Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday (Kingston) -- 6 Hrs / Wk
  • Group 4 Days: Monday, Tuesday (Arkville), Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Kingston) -- 7 Hrs / Wk

**Groups and schedules may be adjusted once practice groups are formed.


Our current plan for this Session of NDAC is up to 20 swimmers in the pool per group, 4 per lane. Swimmers will space out during practices to allow for 6' social distancing to be maintained between swimmers at all times. Each registered swimmer will be assigned a Practice Group of 20 swimmers. These Practice Groups will be further divided into Pods of 4 swimmers of similar ability/speed who will share a lane where possible. Practice Groups will always swim together at the same times and on the same days. There is no switching or swapping of Practice Group spots once they have been established.

NDAC will keep siblings in the same Practice Group and in the same Pod/Lane whenever possible.


  • Group 2+ (10 and under/11 and up):  $330 for 13-Week Session (swimming 3 days per week, 3.0 hours per week) Preference will given to 10 and under swimmers for the first 10 spots, and the remaining spots can be filled with older swimmers looking to swim 3 days a week
  • Group 3 (11 and up): $660 for 13-Week Session (swimming 5 days per week, 6.0 hours per week)
  • Group 4 (11 and up): $704 for 13-Week Session (swimming 5 days per week, 7.0 hours per week)
  • Group Payments will be made in installments as follows
    • Group 2 -- $155 at registration, $88 on Feb 1, 2021 and March 1, 2021
    • Group 3 -- $310 at registration, $175 on Feb 1, 2021 and March 1, 2021
    • Group 4 -- $331 at registration, $187 on Feb 1, 2021 and March 1, 2021​
  • Swimmers not registered with USA Swimming for 2021 will be registered as an NDAC swimmer and charged USA Swim fee of $20 for a flex membership NOTE: For swimmers continuing after April, an additional $60 will be collected at that time in order to upgrade to a full year 2021 USA Swim membership.


NDAC will comply with all guidelines set forth by USA Swimming, CDC and Catskill Recreation Center and Ulster YMCA. There are additional COVID-related waivers which all swimmers and families must sign at registration in order to participate. All guidelines must be strictly followed at all times.

  • Only NDAC swimmers and coaches allowed in the pool area (no parents or siblings)
  • Masks and social distancing must be maintained by swimmers for arrival/departure
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times during practice
  • Swimmers will undergo health check / questions upon arrival
  • All coaches and lifeguards will wear masks
  • Swimmers will be divided into set Practice Groups and Lanes
  • Coaches will design sets to maintain at least 6' social distance between swimmers
  • No use of diving blocks
  • No access to locker room for changing or showers - bathrooms will be available for emergencies
  • No sharing of gear - swimmers will bring their own gear, water bottle etc.
  • Swimmers must arrive on time for their time slot, ready to swim and leave promptly after their practice is complete


Please read ALL the information, guidelines and waivers very carefully. Many are new and different due to Covid-19. Please PRINT them and share ALL information with your swimmer(s) and discuss the many changes in the way NDAC will be running practices during Covid-19.

If you do not feel comfortable signing ALL waivers, or you do not feel that you and your children can comply with these guidelines at ALL times, please do not register for NDAC's Program.

Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns