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The Phoenix Aquatic Club is proud to recognize our athletes who graduated and contributed to the Team's legacy. With learned discipline, hard work and leadership skills, may you achieve your goals and dreams. We wish you success in your future endeavors.



Ryan Wagner - Ohio State University
Liam Ridge - Manhattan College
Jinan Andrews - Air Force Academy
Meaghan McGovern - United States Military Academy
Nikki Ciavarella - University of Minnesota
Matt Zugibe - University of Minnesota
Johnny Kilduff - Cornell University
Adi Globus - Manhattan College
Kaitlyn Lange - Binghamton University
Christina Paspalas - Tennessee University
Dylan Magee - Cornell University
Tori March - Philadelphia University
Katelyn Ludwicki - Siena College
Kristin Ludwicki - Siena College
Harris Kim - Colby College
Amy Zhang - Columbia University
Phillip Wong - Wesleyan University
Juli Hyatt - Albright College
Lee Emmerich - Bates College
Lily Parmanan - Fordham University
Brooke Boes - Susquehanna University
Aiden Neville - Manhattan College
Sage Pollack - Canisius College
Sean Byman - Emory University
Meredith Gioia - Hamilton College
David Jun - SUNY Binghamton
Sean Griffenkranz - Denison University
Katelyn Hall - Manhattan College
Matthew Maretic - Rowan University
Lauren Parisi - Fashion Institute of Technology
Danielle Shaw - SUNY Oneonta​
Alexandra Sobocinski - University of California San Diego