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Pac's Mission


"Provide the best possible coaching in a positive, supportive and challenging atmosphere as to inspire swimmers to rise to their full potential"






Team Governance Documents

Athlete Code of Conduct 

PAC Handbook

Parent Code of Conduct 

Practice and Attendance Policies

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy 

Photography Policies

Action Plan for Bullying

Athlete Protection Training




General Team Information


Welcome to Phoenix Aquatic Club (PAC). PAC is a year-round swim club dedicated to providing swimming opportunities to members of our community in the greater New Jersey area, and to all seeking a positive, supporting, and challenging environment in which to learn and train. PAC is a member of USA Swimming and Pacific Northwest Swimming.




Meet Opt Out

Athletes who are members of the "Groups Attending" have been Opted-in to the event by defualt. Unless you Opt-out your athelte by the "Opt-out deadline", your account will be charged for the corresponding meet fees

How to Opt Out

  • Select the respective opt-out link or send an email to [email protected] Please CC your coach and include your swimmers name, the name of the swim meet, date, and sessions.
  • You will recieve a confirmation email.