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How do I sign up for meets? 

Members do not need to sign-up for meets. All members will be automatically entered in any meet that their respective group is attending. 


Do I need to opt out of any meet we will not be attending? 

Yes, yes, yes! Members are responsible for sending an email to [email protected] by the published deadline if they know their child will not be attending a meet. Please include the child’s name and days/dates they will not be attending. Please do not tell your coach at practice or text/email your coach that you will not be attending. You may cc your coach on the opt-out email. The only way to guarantee you will not be billed for meet fees is to email the opt-out email address


Does PAC run their own meets? 

Yes, we do! Typically, we host 2 short course meets and 2 long course meets per season. 

PAC Maria Parmanan Invitational - Nov 4-6th, 2022 

PAC Winter Classic Invitational - Jan 20-22nd, 2022 

PAC Spring Starter Invitational - May19-21st, 2023 

PAC Summer Classic Invitational - June 23-25th, 2023 

Please note that our meets must be bid through Metro swimming and dates are subject to change. 


Are there required volunteer hours associated with my membership? 

Yes, each family has a required number of volunteer hours to fulfill for the season, even if their swimmer does not compete. Any unfulfilled hours will be billed on August 1st.  Any unfulfilled hours will be billed at $15/hour.  If you have two or more swimmers, you are only responsible for the hours associated with the highest group.  



Short Course Hour Requirements 



Senior Prep 








Stroke Development



Most hours are fulfilled by helping at our team-hosted meets but there are other opportunities to help as well. If you are having trouble fulfilling your hours, please ask about alternative ways in which to help. 


How do I sign-up to volunteer for our PAC-hosted meets? 

Approximately 3 weeks before a meet the volunteer sign-up will be activated on the website and an email will go out informing the members.  You can access on our website under upcoming events. 


How can I check on the status of my volunteer hours? 

Log in to your account on the Phoenix Aquatic Club website.  Click on My Account → Invoices/Payments → Service Hours Tab.  Please check your volunteer hours after each meet and email [email protected] if there are any issues/questions. 


How do I access information about meets PAC will be attending? 

On the website click on the event sign-up tab and you will see all the meets there.  If you click on the meet itself you will see additional information such as, meet information, hotel information (if it is a travel meet), meet itinerary, and meet entries.  This information will be constantly updated as the meet date approaches. 


Do I need to maintain a credit card on my account? 

Yes, a credit card must always be on file for all accounts.  You may also choose to link your checking account for payments.  If neither of these is on file, the account will be inactivated, and the swimmer will not be entered in any meets until the account is updated.


Can I view my account and any account charges? 

Yes, go to our website and log in to your account.  Click on My Account → Invoices & Payments → Billing History.  You will be able to see a month-by-month itemized billing of your account. 


Is it possible to freeze my account if my child is no longer swimming? 

No, signing up for Phoenix Aquatic Club requires a season-long commitment.  Our season begins September 6th and goes to the second week of August.  Members who choose to pay monthly will be billed in 10-month installments beginning in September and ending in June.  We cannot freeze accounts. The one exception to this rule is a Stroke Development membership. 


What is a Stroke Development Membership? 


Stroke Development (SD) is an entry program into Competitive Swimming or Fitness for Life. SD is a month-to-month-based membership.  Swimmers 9&U will register for Stroke Development I and swimmers 10&O will register for Stroke Development II.  SD parents must meet the volunteer hour requirement and learn how to opt-out of meets (see above). 

Swimming at meets is not required and is available when the swimmer is ready. The meets they attend will be determined by their coaches. SD swimmers who want to increase their commitment may change their membership at any time. Any costs associated with this will be billed to their accounts. SD members who want to suspend their membership should email [email protected]


How long is the swim season? 

The Short Course (SCY) season goes from September to March. During this season swimmers will compete in a 25-yard pool.  The Long Course (LCM) season goes from mid-April to mid-August.  During this season swimmers will compete in a 50-meter pool.  PAC usually breaks for two weeks in between these seasons.  PAC will also break around August 15th until the new season starts after Labor Day.  


Is there a discount offered if a family has more than one swimmer? 

Yes, we do offer a multi-athlete discount.  The athlete in the highest competitive group pays in full, discounts are applied to additional swimmers as follows - 10% for the second athlete and 20% for the third and any additional athletes.   


For more detailed information about PAC please go to our website and click on ABOUT > BYLAWS