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Swimming is a labor intensive sport and our swim club is dependent upon support from the parents to continue to be successful. Our club depends on parents contributing their time, efforts, and talents.  As a volunteer you are helping the team but also showing your commitment and support of a great sport for your child.

In accordance with the group placement of a swimmer, PAC requires families to fulfill a certain number of volunteer hours as specified in the PAC Handbook.


We have added Concession Donations to our volunteer items. You can sign-up to donate the same way as you sign-up to volunteer. Any donation to our concession stand is highly appreciated; however, we ask you to sign-up before donating. This will help us to plan ahead on purchases.

There will be no hourly credit given for Concessions Donations.

Swim Meets

PAC hosted Swim Meets offer many opportunities to fulfill your volunteer hours throughout the course of the season.

Your contact person at the meet and for inquiries about timeline and empty volunteer slots will be either of our Parent Volunteer Coordinators according to the age group session you are planning on volunteering in.

Age Group Name Contact
11/12, Open Cathleen Sampath [email protected]
10&Under; 13/14 Joanne Finley [email protected]


Position of Volunteers  Description USA Swimming Training Required Hours Credited/Session Additional Information

Being an official requires training through USA swimming.

For further information please contact [email protected]


Timers need to report on deck near the door on the diving side of the pool at least ½ hour before the start of the session.  Officials on duty will inform you where and when a timers meeting will be held.  There will two timers assigned for each lane.  If you are a new timer we will pair you with a more experienced timer…just ask!  If you miss a start don’t worry we have backup timers who will bring a started watch to you.  Very important that we have timers…the meet cannot start until we have two timers for each lane (16 timers)!


Duties include:

  • Operate a stopwatch, the operation of which will be reviewed during the timers meeting
  • Operate the backup button, which gets pressed on the finish only. 
  • Record the two stopwatch times on the lane/timer sheets.
  • Check that the swimmer in your lane is the one recorded on your lane/timer sheet so that swimmers do not swim in the wrong lanes.
No Training Required 4h LINK
  • Arrive at the pool at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the beginning of warm-ups and remain on duty until the session is completed.
  • Check in with the referee or meet director (who will be up on the computer platform) to receive instructions
  • Warm-down areas must be marshaled throughout the meet
  • Marshals must not leave the area until coverage is provided or until excused by the referee.

Marshals on deck duties include:

  • Making sure that swimmers behave in a safe manner. Notify the coach of any swimmer who is behaving/acting in an unsafe manner. 
  • Monitor the locker rooms (of your corresponding sex) for unsafe conditions.
  • Make sure the doorways on the opposite side of the pool are kept clear.
  • Make sure there are no parents on deck that are not working a volunteer position.

Marshals in the stands: (one at each door)

  • Keep the railings clear.
  • Ensure anyone entering the stands has a wristband and has paid admission.
  • Ensure that there are no swimmers in the stands without the proper attire & footwear.
  • Be aware and report of anyone acting in an unsafe manner.
No Training Required 4h LINK
  • Arrive at the pool at least 45 minutes prior to warmup.  
  • Admissions will be kept open until 1 hour prior to the end of the session. 
  • Volunteers will be provided a heat sheet with a timeline in order to anticipate when their child will swim.

Duties Include:

  • Collecting admission fees
  • Distributing wristbands
  • Selling meet programs
No Training Required 4h  
  • report to the computer table at least ½ hour before the start of the meet.

Duties include:

  • Collect lane/timer sheets after every 2 events. 
  • You will be provided a heat sheet at the beginning of the meet in order to follow the scoreboard.
  • Hang up results as they become available from the desk. 
  • One set gets posted behind the diving boardsthe other set gets posted out in the hallway near the office.
  • Delivering award labels to the award table at the far end of the pool
  • Delivering water to officials and lane timers.
No Training Required 4h  
Heat Winner Awards

Heat winner award volunteers will need to report to the on deck coordinator to check in.


Duties include:

  • follow the scoreboard and heat sheet to hand out awards to heat winners of the 10&Under and 11/12 heat winners
No Training Required 4h  
PAC 'Roadies'



Meet setup volunteers will need to be at the pool at least 45 minutes prior to warmup.


Duties include:

  • Helping setup the pool area by unloading equipment
  • Helping to get printers, console etc on the desk setup
  • Helping to setup cables & put touch pads in the water
  • Set up chairs around the deck for visiting teams as well as two chairs behind each lane for timers




Meet cleanup volunteers need to be available immediately following the last event of the last session. Some heavy lifting involved. 


Duties include:

  • Assisting with the breakdown of equipment
  • Loading all equipment onto the truck
No Training Required 1h