Winter Season Practice


March 3, 2021


Dear PBAC Families,


We would like to Welcome you all back!  Practice starts Saturday! There are some updates that we would like to communicate to you:


Registration will carry over from February Registration.


Goshen Aquatic Club is having a meet, Saturday  so we will be changing our practice time just for this Saturday, March 6th from 4-6.  Hopefully this will avoid any late starts or interruptions.


For the rest of March practice will be Saturday 2-4, and Sunday 7-9am for both Seniors and Bronze. 


Due to financial constraints and scheduling conflicts we have to cancel Sportsplex practices on Fridays. 


We are working on a plan to present to the Pine Bush Board of Education to get us back in the Pine Bush pool come April/May.


We continue to express our appreciation for your support. This has been a challenging time and our main concern is to provide your swimmers with any opportunity that we can.  


Thank you, 

Pine Bush Aquatic Club Board




Please feel free to contact us at  [email protected]  with any questions or concerns.




Normal Schedule
Senior Group

Goshen Aquatic Club Saturday 2-4 pm

Goshen Aquatic Club Sunday 7-9 am

Bronze Group
Goshen Aquatic Club Saturday 2-4 pm
Goshen Aquatic Club     Sunday 7-9 am


Upcoming Events