April 3, 2021

Dear Swim Families, 

As you know, we are eager to get back to the Pine Bush School District pools. We recently sent another proposal to the district administration. Once again, the district is unable to allow PBAC to return due to the limited resources they have to clean the area we would be using.

The PBAC board is working vigorously with the coaches to provide an alternative plan. Once this plan is finalized, we will be contacting you with an update. We are hoping to resume our spring swim season by April 21st.

We want to extend our appreciation to all of you. The uncertainty is understandably frustrating; thank you for your patience and commitment to the club.


Pine Bush Aquatic Club


Christina McKee, President

Jodi Martin, Vice-President

Janice Barth, Secretary

Kristy Willaims, Treasurer

Kendra Hajek, Volunteer Coordinator


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