Online Clinic for new Stroke and Turn officials

Wednesday - May 2,2018

Metro will be offering a free on-line Stroke and Turn Judge clinic for anyone interested in becoming a certified USA Swimming official on Wednesday May 2.

Participating in this clinic is the mandatory first step for any one who is not currently a certified USA Swimming official but would like to become one. The clinic will begin at 7 pm and will run for approximately 90 minutes. Relevant materials will be e-mailed to all participants in advance of the clinic.

To sign up for this clinic, please use the following link: Please note that registration for the clinic will close at 11:59 PM on May 1.   

 To prepare for the clinic, you should familiarize yourself with the stroke rules outlined on pages 19-24 of the 2017 rule book which can be found here:

1.      Check the Metro website ( to find out when clinics wll be held.  All clinics for new officials will be conducted on-line.  The Area Chairs are: Hudson Valley North (Sullivan, Orange, Dutchess and Putnam counties) – Ken Graham ([email protected]); Hudson Valley South (Rockland and Westchester counties) – Steven Kessler ([email protected]); New York City—Amanda Lister ([email protected]); Nassau – Rich Brown ([email protected]); Suffolk – Jacky Spierer ([email protected]).  You can also contact the Metro Officials’ Chair, Mark Amodio ([email protected]). 

2.      Submit the form to become a temporary member of USA Swimming so that you can begin your apprentice training on deck.  The form can be found on the Metro website ( under the forms link and should be submitted to the Metro office ([email protected]).  The temporary membership is valid for 60 days, providing time to apply for permanent membership and complete your training and background checks as outlined below.  Apprentice officials cannot go on deck until they have attended a clinic and their Apprentice Membership form has been entered by the Metro office into the USA Swimming database.

3.      Complete 6 on deck apprentice sessions (you may start these only after you have attended a new officials’ clinic and obtained your temporary or permanent USA Swimming membership)

4.   Complete a Level II background check - cost will be reimbursed by Metro

Swimming after you complete your six apprentice sessions and an additional three sessions as a certified official.  See the following link to initiate the background check:

5.   New officials will be reimbursed after they have completed their six apprentice

      sessions and have worked a minimum of three sessions as a certfied Stroke and

    Turn Judge. The reimbursement form, which you’ll find on the Metro web site,   

     should be sent to your Area Chair.  Your background check needs to be

     initiated before the expiration of your 60-day Apprentice Membership.   

6.  Complete an online athlete protection training class (takes about 60 minutes).  See the

following link:

7.  Complete the online test for Stroke and Turn Judges, which can be found at the following link: The Test can be found at the following link:


  1. Set up an account on USA Swimming web site (need to be USA Registered)
  2. Print Stroke and Turn Judge test and click on leave and finish later
  3. Use a copy of the rule book (you will be sent one once you register as a non-athlete member but it is also on-line available on the USA web site if you choose to register as a temporary non-athlete member)
  4. Test must be taken on-line. 

                  5.  You must score at least 80% to pass.  You can re-take the test as many times as


ESSL Officials

Any person interested in becoming an ESSL Official must attend one of the two clinics offered by Ron Sommer at the Fishkill Quality Inn. If you are interested in becoming an official email [email protected]