PBAC Code of Conduct




*  Follow coach's  and club 's guidelines and safety protocols around the pool and at meets.  

*Treat all members of the club withrespect, fellow Swimmers, Coaches and Officials.

*Treat all competitors and representatives from competing clubs with respect.

*The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence will not be tolerated. (See Bullying Doc for more info)

*.Maintain a safe and healthy swimming enviroment (See Safe Sport Link)


                SWIMMING TRAINING

*Arrive 10 minutes before practice starts to allow time to stretch.

*Give 100% effort in both training and competition.

*Bring a drink to every training session-No Glass Bottles

*Use the bathroom before training.

*Inform the coach if you need to leave the pool during training for any reason.

*Listen to what your coach is telling you and inform your coach if you are unwell or injured.

*Always swim to the wall as you do in a race and practice turns as instructed.

*Do not stop in the lane, you may get injured by other swimmers.

*Do not pull or sit on the lane ropes as this may injure other swimmers.

*Do not skip lengths or sets as you are only cheating yourself.

*Think about what you are doing during training and what you are learning.

*Behave appropriately in the locker rooms.



*Arrive on time.

*You must swim events that the Head Coach has entered/selected you for unless it is an Invitational meet and you have chosen your events.

*Warm up before the event. Prepare yourself for the race.

*Warm up properly following the coach’s guidelines.

*Be part of the team. Stay with the team on poolside and if you leave for any reason you must tell the Coach or the parent volunteers where you are going.

*Be a good teammate:  congratulate other swimmers after the race, cheer on other swimmers, older swimmers you are a role model for the younger swimmers.

*Support your teammates. Everyone likes to be supported.

*You should wear the club suits and club caps when representing the club.

*After your race report to the coach first,  to receive feedback on your race and splits.