Thank You Shannon Dittbrenner

Brian O'Shea
Oct 8, 2018

The Pine Bush Aquatic Club wanted to extend a warm heartfelt THANK YOU! to Shannon Dittbrenner. Shannon was our 2018 Swim Banquet Grand Prize winner. She attended one of our Board Meetings and learned that our Starter system is not working properly and we need a new one. Shannon decided to make it her mission to help raise money for our broken Starter system. Some of these systems can cost up to $875!!

Shannon has reached out to Merrill Lynch, Central Valley Pharmacy, and her co workers and has raised over $400 so far! Thank you for all your tireless effort and fundraising tenacity Shannon!!

" need to thank me....we are all working for kids!!" - Shannon said. Well Shannon, we want to thank you anyway!


The PBAC Board

Brian O'Shea- President

Christine McKee- Vice President

Cristian Docu- Treasurer

Janice Barth- Recording Secretary

Cynthia Ghiold- Volunteer Coordinator

Jodi Martin- Registrar