Updated 2/24/2021

Please Note:   Our Beacon and Peekskill locations are currently closed due to Covid Restrictions.   

We are currently training at New Windsor and Ossining.   

The current practice schedule for New Windsor and Ossining are the first two items under the "about" tab.  "Interim training at New Windsor" & "Ossining Practice Schedule"



Patriot Swim Team 2020 Fall Social Distancing Practice Schedule

This section will give you information about our general practice schedule.   Each week, on Sunday or Monday, we post a practice schedule in the News Section, for that coming week, that reflects any changes or cancelations for that week only. 

Last minute cancelations due to weather or facility issues will also be posted in the news section and on the scrolling portion of our main page and may be emailed as well.  

It is a good practice to check the web site for changes/cancelations prior to leaving for practice.


Covid Notice:    For the Safety of our athletes, families and staff we will utilize "Social Distance" training Strategies.   The number of swimmers in the pool at any one time will be restricted.  Swimmers will enter the pool through a side door.  They must be masked  and ready to swim in order to enter the building.  They will be temperature checked then.  They must carry all of their equipment.  There will be no sharing of equipment or water/drink bottles. They must also be masked as they exit the building  No locker or bathroom facilities will be available.  Parents will not be allowed to access the pool or main building. Coaches and Swimmers will only be allowed access to the pool area.  Staff will be masked at all times when in the pool area.

Please Note:  Both Beacon & Peekskill Groups will Train at Beacon until Peekskill opens.   After You register for the team, you must sign up for a training slot for your group under the "Team Events" section. 

Training Slots for New Windsor Swimmers will be established if registration numbers create the necessity.