updated 7/11/2019

This year our team is hosting 4 swim meets, 2 at Lehman College,  and 2 at Valley Central HS.    

Thanks to a dedicated and experienced group of USA Meet Officials on our team, we are able to run high quality meets that continue to be well attended.

Becoming an official is easy and is a great way to participate in and support your child's dedication to the sport.  If you are interested in becoming an official, contact Ken Graham for details.

Officials need to fill out a USA Swimming  Non Athlete Registration Form.   The team will cover the registration fee.  Simply fill out the form and email it to Coach Bob.

Patriot Swim Team List of Officials

Official Certification
Flick Marinello Referee
Siv Rizzo Stroke & Turn
Tom Holman Stroke & Turn
Nina Vitale Starter Apprentice
Tianwen Gu Starter Apprentice
Simon Ma Stroke & Turn
Michael Jutt Stroke & Turn
Kieth Odums Starter Apprentice
Dongbing Shao Stroke & Turn
Marie Considine Stroke & Turn
Lolita Lewis Stroke & Turn
Lin Zhou Stroke & Turn

Meet Directors/Admin Officials



Bob Vializ

Meet Director

Admin Official

Richard Gash

Admin Official

Waikuen Yee Admin Official

Meet Computer/Console Personnel

Tech Timing Console Meet Computer
Richard Gash yes yes
Waikuen Yee yes yes
Elina Fridman yes yes
Jenn Kozak yes yes