Sachem Swim Club participates in USA Swimming’s IMX program, and it is a valuable “measuring stick” for each of our athletes.  The purpose of the IMX program is to promote versatility in age group swimming while advocating greater participation and development across a range of events that are integral to long-term success in the sport of swimming.  By encouraging swimmers to swim in a variety of events, we hope to avoid the tendency of swimmers to specialize in a narrow selection of events at a young age.

As successful as the IMX program has been across the country, some of our swimmers have been unable to achieve an IMX score because they didn’t feel they were ready to compete in some of the harder, longer events in the IMX program.  As a result, USA Swimming has expanded the program, and broken it into two levels: IM Ready (IMR) and IM Xtreme (IMX).

You may be asking, “How does this program work, and what is the difference between IMR and IMX?”  In both programs, swimmers must complete a program of 5 or 6 events of different distances and strokes.  Each event is scored using USA Swimming’s Power Points, and then the scores are totaled, giving the swimmer an overall score.

In addition to the information we provide swimmers on the Sachem Swim Club website, we strongly encourage each swimmer to create a web account with USA Swimming (it’s free) in order to access your own My Deck Pass USA Swimming page.  Each swimmer’s competition history is located here, and in addition to your IMR or IMX score, you can also track the meets you have participated in, your time progressions (using very cool graphs!), and season and lifetime best comparisons.  There are several other “Members Only” features, so be sure to sign up for an account today!  You can click HERE to go right to the account creation page.

Our goal is to have every swimmer that competes in meets to achieve an IMR and/or an IMX score each season.  Entries for meets will be done with these programs in mind, meaning every swimmer that signs up for a meet will be put into the IMR or IMX events.  Once a swimmer has achieved their score, they will be able to be more selective in which events they swim in meets.