Congratulations to our Class of 2022

Samantha Watson, Katie Howard, Paige Levine, Michael Viollis, Muhtar Konar

Nutrition 101

Good nutrition is a critical element to the success and development of any child, especially one that is an athlete.  Courtesy of USA Swimming, check out this Nutrition 101 webpage, which will give you an overview of the proper dietary habits your swimmer should be following.

Please click on each link below for info on each Health & Nutrition topic:

Shoulder Injury Prevention

Soda & Obesity

Understanding Your Metabolism

Protein & Building Muscle

Fueling Up Before Practice

How To Stay Hydrated During Practice

Swim Bag Snacks For Swimmers

Top Tips For Feeding Teen Swimmers

Top Five Reasons Milk Is Good For Swimmers

Top Tips For Improving Nutrition To Reduce Your Times