Preparing For College

This article is a must read for any parent that has a son or daughter about to go off to college, now or in the near future.  It is from, and written by Bob Schaller, Ph.D.

Swimming & Life

We all know why we love the sport of swimming, but we don't always realize what the sport is teaching us about life and how it helps us to prepare our swimmers for their futures.  This article, from the USA Swimming's Speedo Tip of the Day, discusses swimming and the life skills it develops in our swimmers.

Helping Your Young Swimmer Set Goals

It is important for any swimmer to set goals for themselves throughout the season.  This can be an especially difficult task for our younger swimmers.  Parents, please take a moment to read this article so you can assist your young swimmer to set realistic and effective goals.

After Your Child Swims A Race

As a parent, have you ever wondered what your approach should be after your child swims a race?  After a great swim?  After a not so great swim?  Well, if you have, take a moment to read this article from ASCA (American Swim Coaches Association).

Watching Practice

Please click the link to read an article from the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) regarding watching your child at practice, and the role you as a parent should have while your child is in the pool.


Please take a moment to read this article from the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) about competition and children.  It offers strategies and thoughts on the development of our swimmers as competitors and athletes.

Ten Commandments

Please take a moment to read this posting from the American Swim Coaches Association.  It is the "Ten Commandments" for parents of athletic children.  These are important points for every parent to remember in dealing with their child's athletic career and their child's coach.

A Nation Of Wimps

Quite simply, a MUST read for all parents.  This article is about our collective approach as a society to raising our children, and whether or not we are serving their long term best interest in the ways we do so.  A fascinating read.

Swimming 101

Are you new to the sport of swimming?  Is your child coming home from practice and it seems like they are speaking a foreign language when you ask them, "How was practice"?  Have you sat at a swim meet and wondered what is going on and why things are done the way they are?  Well then, we would officially like to welcome you to the wonderful world of being a "swim parent", a unique breed of parent to say the least.  Click HERE to learn all of the basics of this wonderful sport, courtesy of USA Swimming.

College Recruiting

This is a must read for every swimmer AND any parent of a high school-aged swimmer who has aspirations to swim in college.  Before you say, "My child isn't good enough to swim in college" please consider this: There are about 390 men's and 490 women's college swim team teams in NCAA Div I, II and III and more non-NCAA affiliated programs for just about every level swimmer.

Every year college coaches need to recruit up to 10 new swimmers for their team and this is a lot of work. If you are a swimmer at the high levels of our sport, the college coaches will contact you, starting July 1st before your senior year. However, if you are not at that level, you need to do your own homework, find colleges matching you academic interests and athletic skills and "sell yourself" to the coaches of these college swim programs, starting as early as your sophomore year.

For the HS States and Sectional level swimmers, it becomes very important how you perform at the big meets as a sophomore and junior in high school, as this may put you on the "radar screen" of a college coach. College coaches from the northeast will attend the HS State meets, the big Holiday Classic meets, Sectionals and other big local meets to look for future recruits.

Why Should My Child Be A Swimmer

Are you apprehensive about having your child join a swim team?  Not sure why swimming is a good choice as an activity and a sport.  Well, after you read this article, you will be convinced that swimming is the perfect sport for your child.  It is a necessary life skill, excellent exercise, and an activity that can be continued throughout your life, regardless of age.

Sticking With Swimming

The career of a swimmer can take many twists and turns from the time an athete is an 8 & Under to when he or she is a Senior swimmer competing in high school or thinking about swimming in college.  This article is a tremendous resource for parents to help their child avoid the potential pitfalls along the way, and keep them in a sport that can teach them many of life's most important lessons.