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Swimmers, check out this excellent article from the USA Swimming website called, "ABC's of Mental Training - W is for Winning".  What is your mindset when it comes to racing, meets, etc.?  Are you focused on winning your heat, or dropping time?  Can you be happy or satisfied with a swim if you do neither?  This article helps answer some of these questions.  From the same series, we also have "ABC's of Mental Training - Y is for Young Swimmers".  It is another great article that every one of our swimmers should take the time to read.

Swimmers, this is a must have!  USA Swimming's Deck Pass is an awesome source of information, and has a ton of fun and exciting features, like digital patches.  You can check your time history as a swimmer, your IMR/IMX score, and much, much more.  Click the link and check it out!!


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