We usually have 6 home meets: September (short course), October (short course), 2 in November (short course), December (short course), February (short course) and 2 during the Long Course season.  See below for details on short vs. long course meets.

Home meets are MANDATORY events for all qualified SSC swimmers.

For each event that your child registers to swim there is a small fee (approximately $6) which will be automatically charged to your account.

Scratching your swimmer from an event or meet last minute will still result in the applicable fee(s) being charged to your  account – to withdraw your swimmer from an event or meet contact your child’s a minimum of two (2) weeks before their scheduled swim.

ONE (1) parent for each SSC family swimming will be expected to sign up for a job during each day that the swimmer is present. Please remember that we are a parent run organization and count on ALL families to share in this responsibility.

Failure to work your scheduled day/time will result in a fee of  $100 (per session) being charged to your account.

NOTE – SSC parents DO NOT work at away meets (although we do help in some of the invitational meets).

Parents that work at a meet do not pay an entrance fee. Non-working parents and family members watching the meet must enter and pay with visiting spectators.

If you are on deck working as a timer – you will get wet. Aquatic areas are wet and decks are hard on your feet! We recommend shorts and flip flops or slides if you are timing.

Each family is required to pay a small cost to cover food-related expenses, This money purchases items to be sold at our concession stand. Profits from concessions and meets help keep expenses down for our club.

  What is the difference between Short Course and Long Course?  



25 yard pool

50 meter pool (Olympic Length)

meets held indoors

meets held indoors & outdoors

season runs September through February, with championship meets held in March and April

season runs May through July, with championship meets held in July and August

  ** SSC swimmers are prepared and expected to swim both short and long course seasons **

  When Do We Use The Three Different Sachem Swim Club Pools?

  • We use BOTH Sachem North and Sachem East High School pools for practice. Check our swim calendar (on the website) to note the location of practices.

  • The summer practice (long course) schedule DOES change as school hours are modified. The summer practice schedule will be posted on our website as that season approaches.

  • SUMMER PRACTICES are held in the evening due to our use of a public pool (ie: Holtsville). You may need to make arrangements for your child’s transportation during June and July.

  •  Home Meets are  held at the Nassau County Aquatic Center and occasionally at the NORTH & EAST pools.

Qualifying for invitational meets 

  • This is based on qualifying times and the coach’s decision.

  • All qualifying SSC swimmers must be financially up-to-date and attend practice regularly (check page 2 for attendance requirements for each level).

  • The following meets are “Quals”: NCAP Holiday Invitational, Senior Mets, Sectionals, Silvers, JOs, Bronze, 8 & Unders, and Zones. Each invitational may have different qualifying times – these will be listed in the meet information provided at each meet or can be accessed through our website – click on “Time Standards” to view the minimum times needed for your swimmer’s age and event.

  • Swimmers for the Relay Carnival and County Championships are selected by the coaches.

  • Both “8 & Unders” and County Championships involve a “team theme”  which will be selected each year – these are very enjoyable events for our swimmers and all SSC swimmers should strive to be selected for one of these teams.

Ribbons, Medals and Awards

  • During a meet your swimmer will compete against other swimmers of similar age and ability. Those swimmers with the fastest official times will swim the LAST heats for their event.

  • A HEAT SHEET will provide you with your swimmers event(s), lanes and current time for each event.

  • You will note that each event listed includes silver, JO and zone qual times for your reference.

  • Many meets award “Heat Winner” ribbons for each heat.

  • Additional ribbons may be given to swimmers placing in the top times (up to twelfth place depending on the hosting club).

  • The top 3 finishing swimmers will receive medals in that event.

  • All place ribbons and medals are provided to the coaches at the close of the meet. They will be handed out at a practice following the meet.

  •  SSC has an AWARDS DINNER each year. This is a fun, formal event where our swimmers, coaches and families can celebrate their accomplishments. All SSC swimmers and their families are invited to attend.