The principle purpose of the Sachem Swim Club is:

  • to recognize, develop and further the athletic abilities and skills of students in the sport of swimming

  • to train and enter all members in USA Swimming (USA-S) competitions

  • to encourage good sportsmanship at all times

  • to perpetuate the sport of swimming through contests, participation, meets, demonstrations, instructions, and to take all actions necessary and proper to achieve the aforesaid purposes.

In addition, any student in the Sachem School District and /or any residing school district is eligible to become a member. Each student must be of amateur status in the sport of swimming. Also, each applicant must pass a minimum swimming test given by the coach to be eligible for membership in the Club, and have the approval of the Board of Directors.




  The team philosophy is encompassed in the words COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE.

COURAGE is the willingness to accept risk and endure failure. COURAGE does not exist unless there is a situation that presents the opportunity for success. We encourage our athletes to embrace these opportunities and not fear the outcome. PERSEVERANCE is the backbone of success in any endeavor in life. One cannot succeed at the highest levels without enduring some set-backs. These difficult times can create a lack of faith, low self-esteem, and an obvious drop in enthusiasm. Perseverance is the quality that transcends these difficult times. It allows the individual to find the true strength of their character. Sachem Swim Club believes that COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE developed by swimming will prepare the individual for the challenges they face.