Junior Group

August 22, 2022 through July 28, 2028

Please do NOT register for the program until your swimmer has been evaluated by the coaching staff and you have been placed in the appropriate training group. Registrations without an evaluation will NOT be approved.

The Junior Group is open to all new and returning swimmers, ages 11 and over (Age influenced move-ups are always subject to review by the Coaching Staff).  Junior swimmers are expected to participate in five (5) practices per week (Monday - Saturday, off day Wednesday) for 90 minutes in the water.  In addition, the Junior Group will have dryland components built into their practices 2 days per week for a total of 30 minutes in duration on average. The Junior Group continues to focus on each swimmer's development through stroke technique refinement, while continuing to build on the concept of a varied training regimen. 

The criteria for graduating from the Juniors Group to move up to the Seniors Group is as follows: (final decision on move ups is done by the coaching staff)

*Compete in a minimum of five (5) meets per short course season

*Complete the necessary events to achieve an IMR and IMX score each short course season (see website her for complete details).

*Maintain an average practice attendance of greater than 4 days per week throughout the competitive season, must be in the water on-time, and must regularly complete prescribed practices at the Junior level with minimal volume missed.

Equipment Required: See Equipment Page.